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Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for Safe Driving

  1. Before children use this vehicle, an adult should carefully evaluate the driving area as well as the child’s ability to drive the vehicle safely. Teach appropriate safety rules to your child before allowing operation of this vehicle. These rules should also be reviewed with other children who want to drive the vehicle.
  2. Remain seated. A child who is not sitting on the seat when the vehicle is in motion could fall or cause the vehicle to tip over.
  3. Do not operate the vehicle at night.
  4. Do not operate the vehicle near steep inclines as it can cause the following:
    • Unsafe speed, even if the button is released.
    • Tipping.
    • Loss of traction, causing the vehicle to slip.
    • Rolling backwards at an unsafe speed.
  5. Avoid contact with moving/rotating parts, such as the motor, gear box, and wheels. Contact with these parts can cause serious injury.
  6. Do not operate the vehicle when it’s positioned on its side or upside-down.
  7. Do not operate the vehicle near flammable vapors (gasoline, paint thinner, acetone, liquid wax, etc.) as the electrical switch emits an internal spark, which could cause an explosion or fire.
  8. To prevent unsupervised use of the vehicle, disconnect the motor harness from the battery when the vehicle is not in use.
  9. Never allow the vehicle to be used if the rear seat is not connected properly (assembly Step 18).