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Walker Wagons

Radio Flyer walker wagons are the perfect helper for little ones learning to take their first steps. Add to your child's toy collection with our one-of-a-kind classic walker wagon.

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Your child’s first steps are important, and mastering them is made easier with walker wagons from Radio Flyer. Choose from our classic walker wagon, which features an iconic wood design, or our durable red plastic wagons. Our walker wagons have a “resist push” feature that helps with stability and prevents your children from walking too fast. 

Two Ways to Play With Plastic Walker Wagons

When your children are first learning to walk, our red plastic wagons feature a locking mechanism that keeps the handle firmly in place. As children grow and gain interest in a pull-along wagon, parents can unlock the handle to transform the kid’s wagon from push to pull. The handle is then able to be folded up or down, allowing children to take their toys anywhere! Even better, order our plastic walker wagons with a bubble buddy, chalk set, teddy bear, or garden tools for hours of entertainment outdoors!