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Small Trampolines for Kids

Bounce and play with our small trampolines for kids! These trampolines are perfect for active indoor play. All of our small trampolines for kids feature fold-away handles for convenient storage, even in tight spaces.

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Encourage little ones to get moving and expend excess energy with our fun and interactive indoor trampolines for kids. Each of our options is 3’ wide and features a handle for stability, which makes them great trampolines for toddlers. Handles can help young children with balancing and the development of gross motor skills. Added grip makes them easy and more comfortable to hold. 

At Radio Flyer, our small trampolines for kids are more than just an outlet for active play. Our 2-in-1 Kids’ Trampoline doubles as a playmat, featuring a racetrack surface around the edge for cars and toys. For even more interactive play, our Game Time indoor trampoline for kids comes with lights, sounds, and a colorful bounce surface. There are 6 built-in games included, so your children can bounce along to Simon Says and other ways to play. 

Creating Active Toys for Active Children

At Radio Flyer, we specialize in high-quality active toys that encourage movement, exploration, and imaginative play. Whether you’re looking for indoor trampolines for kids or something from our extensive selection of outdoor vehicles, you’ll discover new ways to have fun and create long-lasting family memories.