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Voya™ Stroller Wagons

From the company your family has loved & trusted for over 100 years, our Voya™ Stroller Wagons deliver all the benefits of a stroller with all the fun of a wagon. Discover your home base on the go with our premium stroller wagon line.

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Voya™ Stroller Wagons combine the comfort and ease of strollers with the utility and fun of kids’ wagons. With their thoughtful design and lightweight versatility, set your family up for endless adventure. Choose between double and quad stroller wagon styles. Each option, whether you go with the double wagon stroller or the 4-seater, features removable snack trays, canopies, cupholders, parent caddies, and storage bags. Whatever your need, you’re equipped for family outings across any terrain, indoors or out. Whether you’re spending a day at the park or an afternoon on the trail, our Voya™ Stroller Wagons get you there. 

Designed for easy travel, each stroller wagon quickly folds for smart and efficient storage. Not only does this make loading the car a breeze, but it adds more time for building precious memories as a family. Shop for high-quality double or 4-seater stroller wagons today, and see why families have trusted Radio Flyer for over 100 years.