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25 Days of Giveaways Winners

11/21/2023- Sara S. from Naperville, IL
11/22/2023- Emerald G. from Lachine, MI
11/23/2023- Timothy P. from Silverdale, WA
11/24/2023- Araceli R. from Las Vegas, NV
11/25/2023- Ashla W. from Lafayette, AL
11/26/2023- Roger O. from Shakopee, MN
11/27/2023- Dee E. from Edgewood, MD
11/28/2023- Mayra C. from Visalia, CA
11/29/2023- Flor D. from New Bern, NC
11/30/2023- Andrew H. from Philadelphia, PA
12/1/2023- Keisha B. from Little Rock, AR
12/2/2023- Mehwish H. from Staten Island, NY
12/3/2023- Brenda G. from Heathsville, VA
12/4/2023- Jonathan M. from Trimble, TN
12/5/2023- Beth H. from Baton Rouge, LA
12/6/2023- Myra D. from Gassaway, WV
12/7/2023- Sara W. from Plainfield, IN
12/8/2023- Eric M. from Millsboro, DE
12/9/2023- Cristina E. from Palm Bay, FL
12/10/2023- Kathleen G. from Scottsdale, AZ
12/11/2023- Joyce B. from Waddell, AZ
12/12/2023- Dominick C. from Cassatt, SC