Radio Flyer

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Our History

The Radio Flyer Story

The Radio Flyer legacy began with founder Antonio Pasin, a young Italian immigrant who came to Chicago in 1914. Inspired by the leaps of innovation being made all over the country, Antonio decided to take his first entrepreneurial risk and rented a one-room workshop on Chicago’s west side. Antonio started to design and build handmade furniture, as well as wooden tricycles and wagons for children. Antonio’s first line of wooden wagons sold as quickly as he could build them. He called his creation the Liberty Coaster, which later became the iconic Radio Flyer – the Original Little Red Wagon®.

Since 1917, our family-owned company has built a legacy of innovative, high-quality products. Our mission is to create smiles and warm memories that last a lifetime. We live by a set of values that prioritize FUNomenal™ Customer Service and the highest standards of positive social and environmental impact.

Over the years, we’ve had to transform how we thought about our Flyer™ brand, all while staying true to our unique legacy. We have reimagined our product line to serve the whole family – from our core wagon line to thrilling go-karts, to the best electric bike line for families on the go.

Today, Radio Flyer remains as it was at its inception — a Chicago-based family company committed to creating beautifully designed, quality products that inspire adventures fueled by imagination, family, and fun. We are grateful to our customers for enjoying the ride with us for the past century, and we’re eager for the next hundred years.
Time Flies. Enjoy the Ride.®