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Classic Wagons

The classic little red wagon is the award-winning design Radio Flyer is known for. For over 100 years, this vintage red wagon has helped families create meaningful memories. Shop our selection of classic steel and wooden wagons, and relive those magical moments with the next generation.

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The iconic look, color, and design of our classic vintage red wagons have long been tied to family fun outdoors. For generations, Radio Flyer has been the number one name in kids’ wagons. We carry that tradition proudly, continuing to offer the red rider wagons that made us famous. 

Our wooden wagons come in two distinct styles. The town & country design, which is our standard wooden wagon, can hold up to 150 lbs. and is one of our most recognizable designs. The bigger, all-terrain version has larger wheels and can hold up to 200 lbs., making it a great transport for children and cargo. For children’s metal wagons, we offer our classic style, which is the first image that comes to mind when families think of the Radio Flyer brand. Our Big Red Classic ATW adds larger air tires, which increases the weight capacity and maneuverability of this classic design. For families looking for an option that combines the best of both, we offer a vintage red wagon with a steel base and wooden sides. 

Build Your Own Classic Vintage Red Wagon

Want to design your own vehicle? Our custom wagons let you create a classic design personalized with your name. Choose a classic steel and wood base, select your choice of tires, and accessorize with features like UV canopies, seat pads, and added storage.