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Kids’ Scooters

Kids’ Scooters

Our kids’ scooters build confidence and help children improve their coordination and balance while they ride and glide down the sidewalks. Shop the best scooters for toddlers and big kids.

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For kids of any age, push scooters offer a fun way to get around and have an adventure outdoors! At Radio Flyer, we’ve engineered high-quality kids’ scooters for your youngest up to your oldest. Our 3-wheel scooters offer the balance and stability that can help support your littlest ones as they fine-tune their motor skills, as well as an added foot brake for extra control. For older children, our 2-wheel scooters deliver a smooth ride, a kickstand for stability, and easy portability, so they can take their new favorite outdoor set of wheels everywhere. 

At Radio Flyer, Fun Meets Safety

At Radio Flyer, we offer much more than just children’s scooters for sale. Our products are designed for comfort, reliability, durability, and, most importantly, safety. We want your children to have a blast cruising the neighborhood and stay safe while having fun. A lot of careful consideration, feedback, and testing goes into all of our products, ensuring that each one, whether it’s a kid’s scooter or another product, is safe and long-lasting against wear and tear. For added safety, we also offer kids’ safety helmets that can provide support, protection, and peace of mind.