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Life As a Flyer

Our mission at Radio Flyer is to bring smiles to kids of all ages and create warm memories that last a lifetime. Building a great team and company culture is essential to bring that mission to life. In a creative environment where talented people can learn, innovate, and work toward common goals, FUNomenal™ things can happen.

Our Team

Life at Radio Flyer

At Radio Flyer, we offer people more than just a job. We offer an inclusive community where every Flyer has a voice. Our people-first approach fosters an atmosphere that encourages new and different ideas through respect, dialogue, and collaboration. Flyers are proud to be a part of a special brand that positively impacts children around the world. Our award-winning innovations, meaningful work, and FUNomenal™ culture will leave you saying “I love my job.”

Diversity & Inclusion

Radio Flyer recognizes that individual differences strengthen our organization. We value all backgrounds and welcome diversity of people, cultures, and ideas. We are committed to employing a diverse workforce and proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Our applicants receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability.

We are committed to providing a work environment that is welcoming, respectful, and engaging, with opportunities for all. We have consistent programs in place to deliver supportive benefits, equal pay, and equal access to opportunities. Through our Wagon U curriculum, Flyers receive training on a variety of topics such as understanding unconscious bias, self-awareness, conflict resolution, communication, and appreciation of differences. We promote inclusion and provide a safe space to voice ideas, concerns, and suggestions.


At Radio Flyer, we recognize one another for commitment to our values and great work that impacts the business. We celebrate and acknowledge each other's accomplishments through multiple forms of recognition across all levels of the organization.

Little Red Rule

The Little Red Rule Award is presented bi-annually to a Flyer who shows an outstanding commitment to excellence and embodies our values.

Captain FUNomenal™

Did you know we have superheroes at Radio Flyer? Throughout the year, senior leaders bestow a shiny red cape upon Captain FUNomenal™, a chosen Flyer who is excelling in their role.

Gold Wagons

Flyers pass Gold Wagons to their peers to acknowledge great work. This is our way of saying “You Are AWESOME” to a fellow Flyer.

Learning & Growth

Wagon U

As an organization that believes in life-long learning, Radio Flyer provides growth opportunities for all Flyers in the form of an internal curriculum called Wagon U. During Wagon U courses, Flyers leverage their strengths and focus on communication, self-awareness, and continuous improvement. All new Flyers join as students in our New Flyer Development series, featuring notable classes like Be a Team Player, Know the Brand, Appreciation of Differences, and Build Your Best Career. Flyers also have breakfast with the Chief Wagon Officer, where Robert shares his many learnings as the leader of our third-generation family-owned company.

Management Coaching & Mentoring

At Radio Flyer, we know that Flyer growth fuels our company growth. We have a great manager development program with leadership development opportunities for new and experienced leaders. Through a combination of internal courses and external expert content, we deliver meaningful class experiences for Flyers. In addition, we offer offsite opportunities with best-in-class leadership development programs. Our team is committed to helping you build yourself to advance your personal and professional journeys from good to GREAT.

Personal Development Goal

At the start of each year, all Flyers take time to reflect and form a Personal Development Goal. This allows each Flyer to improve upon a specific competency or focus area that is in line with their own personal and professional goals.

Flyer Stories


Tim joined the team as a Quality Engineering Intern. After his internship, Tim was hired full-time as a Quality Engineer. Through his work, Tim exemplified personal and professional growth and a consistent demonstration of excellence in everything. He has collaborated closely with our International Team, including taking on an assignment in China and a move to Hong Kong. Tim has been promoted multiple times, holding the titles Senior Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, and Director of Engineering & Quality.


With a degree in Advertising & PR, Lucy began her journey at Radio Flyer as a Marketing Intern. She seized an opportunity to continue on at Radio Flyer as a Customer Service contractor and later hired as a full-time Flyer in a hybrid role to manage the front desk and support the Customer Service Team. She expressed interest in expanding her skills and started working with the Human Resources Team. Lucy was promoted to HR Specialist and won the Little Red Rule Award.


Zack started in a support role for the Operations Team during our holiday shipping season. After producing FUNomenal™ work, he shared that his passion and educational background was in video filming and editing. We created a new Brand Communications contract position that combined production work and video work. He excelled, increasing our internal capabilities in a role that had not previously existed. He was hired in a full-time role on our Brand Communications Team as our first-ever Videographer.

Company Goals

Creating SMART Goals

Flyers write their own SMART goals at the start of each year. During our annual Strategy & Goals Conference, Flyers provide feedback on one another’s goals, align and collaborate more closely, and cultivate transparency across all departments and levels. Flyers help each other make their goals more Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.

Monthly Company Meetings

Every month, all Flyers meet to receive important updates to our business and sales growth. Both our Senior Leadership Team and emerging leaders present on company updates and upcoming committee events. We devote our December Company Meeting to celebrate a year of hard work and recognize our Flyers in special ways.

Creative Workspace

LEED Platinum Office

Radio Flyer is proud to be an LEED Platinum Certified Headquarters. Our sustainable office space features geothermal heating and cooling throughout the building, a system to catch rainwater and store for irrigation of our backyard, and rooftop solar panels.

World-Class Prototype Shop

Prototyping at Radio Flyer is a way of life. Creating physical design solutions is a key part of how we bring new product innovations to market. Our state-of-the-art prototype shop has the tools and capabilities we need to create everything from rough foam mock-ups to fully painted, presentation-quality “looks-like/works-like” prototypes for customer meetings. We have a wood shop with cutting, shaping, and sanding equipment as well as a metalworking shop with all of the machinery needed for tube bending, welding, and sheet metal fabrication. Our CNC room has 3-axis machining centers and a large-format CNC router to rapidly cut iterative design solutions throughout the development process. We use multiple 3D printing technologies including Polyjet, FDM and SLS printing to take parts from Solidworks CAD files into tangible parts. Our team puts finishing touches on prototypes and explores various colors and finishing options in our spacious walk-in paint booth.

Engine Room

Just like the gears of an engine, ideas churn, whirl, and move forward in our Engine Room. Thoughts become concepts, casual conversations become whimsical brainstorms, and sticky notes become award-winning designs. It’s no surprise to catch Flyers riding around the Engine Room on any of our scooters or battery powered toys – play is part of the job.

Play Lab

Everyone has heard of science labs in schools but have you ever heard of a Play Lab? Our headquarters features a huge indoor and outdoor combination space dedicated to the research of play, also known as watching kids have fun and enjoying our products! The Play Lab allows our Product Development Team to get real time feedback from kids and parents too.

FUNomenal™ Culture


At Radio Flyer, we have a FUNomenal™ culture on purpose. With over 100 years of experience in bringing smiles and warm memories to kids of all ages, we strive to do the same for our Flyers. We host multiple culture-building events throughout the year that focus on developing a sense of belonging, learning more about each other’s heritage and background, celebrating our values, and having fun of course. We do this as a tribute to the company’s heritage and our exciting future.

Committees at Radio Flyer

Our Committees are Flyer-led groups that give Flyers an opportunity to support initiatives that they are passionate about. Committees provide Flyers opportunities to connect with one another and the community.

Vision, Mission, Values

The Vision, Mission & Values Committee champions the Radio Flyer VMV by advising our leadership team on culture strategy & presenting our Little Red Rule Award bi-annually.

Smile Squad

The Smile Squad organizes internal volunteer initiatives & donation drives to enrich the lives of Flyers, our community, and children in need.

Eco Flyers

The Eco Flyers coordinate sustainability initiatives around the office and educate our team on all things green.


The Wellness Committee engages Flyers in initiatives throughout the year to promote a healthy lifestyle and holistic wellness.

Warm Memories

The Warm Memories Committee celebrates special milestones for Flyers like weddings, new babies, retirement, and more.


The Social Committee creates fun opportunities for Flyers to connect in more informal settings, including popular events like company-wide social hours and an annual bags tournament.


The Safety Committee promotes a culture of safety by implementing necessary procedures & protocols as well as educating Flyers on safe workplace behavior.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

The Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee is dedicated to increasing the diversity of our workforce and ensuring an inclusive environment for all Flyers.

Teams at Radio Flyer

Product Development

Our Product Development Team is focused on the research, design, and engineering behind the toys that spark the imaginations of children everywhere. The team upholds Radio Flyer’s commitment to creating quality, innovative products for our consumers.

Brand Communications

Our Brand Communications Team supports the iconic nature of the Radio Flyer brand while building a meaningful relationship with our consumers at every touchpoint and growing brand awareness. The team ensures that our brand communication, content, and market research initiatives capture the essence of Radio Flyer.


Our Sales Team actively works with retailers and key customers to build our brand domestically and internationally while maintaining customer loyalty. The team is relentless in their commitment to understanding the needs of our customers and providing solution-oriented service.


Our Finance Team drives the day-to-day administrative operations necessary to fuel Radio Flyer’s growth. The team provides financial reporting and analysis that is timely, accurate, and comprehensive.

Supply Chain/Operations

Our Supply Chain/Operations Team works toward fast and effective delivery of Radio Flyer products to our customers. The team ensures product orders fulfillment while tracking and maintaining goods as they travel from factory to warehouse to happy families.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team is committed to providing Radio Flyer customers with world-class service right from our Chicago, Illinois headquarters. The team consistently collaborates with Product Development to stay up-to-date and provide feedback from our consumers.

Information Technology

Our IT Team is central to Radio Flyer’s day-to-day operations and touches every aspect of our business. The team provides technology support to all Flyers and works across departments to implement solutions that accelerate Radio Flyer’s goals and growth.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Team strives to build a diverse team of talented Flyers and grow our FUNomenal™ culture. The team implements the people programs that facilitate a friendly working environment and great employment experience for all.


Honorary Antonio Pasin Way

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