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Battery Ride-On Toys

From go-karts to electric cars, kids will love riding around in their very own battery ride-on toy. These electric ride-on cars and vehicles provide endless hours of motorized fun. Explore our assortment of 6v, 12v, and 24v battery-powered electric cars to start riding!

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Our battery ride-on toys deliver the adventure of the open road to your kids. These ride-on cars and electric go-karts for kids come in different voltages and speeds, so toddlers and young children can experience the thrills of driving their very own vehicles down the block. Electric ride-on toys like our 6v bumper cars are a great way to safely introduce your littlest ones to the excitement and fun of driving. Joysticks make it easy to maneuver and handle this battery ride-on toy, and a parent remote ensures that children can play safely. Similarly, our Grow Kart is designed with toddlers in mind, coming in two forward-driving speeds and a telescopic frame that can be extended as your little ones grow. 

Electric Ride-On Toys Designed For Style & Safety

As your little ones grow up, we offer a fleet of electric ride-ons that encourage them to explore the outdoors. Our Tesla Model S for kids features an authentic Tesla look and design with customizable accessories, so you can make it your own. Our other ride-on cars and karts feature drift-action tires, multiple speeds, and safety features that help parents keep an eye on their young drivers.