Radio Flyer

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Design Your Own Ride

Radio Flyer has brought you memories of outdoor play since 1917. Now you can Get Out and Play® by designing your own ride: choose the color, storage, fabric, personalized name & more.


  • Starts at $100
  • Ages 1½+
  • Choose from 4 fabrics
  • Add Storage, Comfort, and Sun Protection
  • Personalize with a name for the ultimate custom ride

Design a one of a kind wagon for your family


  • Ages 9 Months - 5 Years
  • Pick colors, tires, and storage
  • Choose between 6 fabrics
  • Add sun protection, seat pad, parent pouch and more
  • Create a custom nameplate

Customization that grows with your child

Tesla Model S for Kids

  • Starts at $599.99
  • Ages 3-8
  • Choose from 4 color options
  • Select your preferred rim color
  • Create a custom license plate and parking sign

The ultimate Tesla experience for kids