Radio Flyer

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Collapsible Wagons & Foldable Wagons

Radio Flyer collapsible and foldable wagons are highly portable and easy to store thanks to an innovative fold-up design. Convenient features and quick-fold capabilities make these collapsible wagons perfect for on-the-go families. Shop our selection to find the perfect fit for you.

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Whether you’re looking for an all-terrain beach wagon or a folding wagon cart for everyday adventures, our selection has stylish options for both. Store important items and keep your little ones safe with collapsible wagons with EZ fold technology. Our smartly designed wagons fold up into compact sizes, so you can quickly and efficiently store them in the trunk. For added safety and comfort, foldable wagon carts come with seatbelts, padded seats, and removable canopies that protect your little ones from too much sun. 

All-Terrain Utility That Doesn’t Quit

If you’re looking for a durable utility wagon or an easy-to-maneuver beach wagon, we offer solutions built to last. Find foldable wagons with added storage for coolers, lawn chairs, and all of the little essentials your family needs for a fun day out! Some of our collapsible wagons, like The Beast, can haul up to 300 lbs. For even more options, check out our kids’ wagons or design your own with our custom wagons