Radio Flyer

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2-Wheel Scooters

Cruise and carve down sidewalks with Radio Flyer's 2-wheel scooters. Designed for safety and durability, our two-wheeled scooters include options for beginners and older children.

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Looking for a glider scooter for beginners? Our kick and glide 2-wheel scooters offer a safe and fun way for young children to enjoy the outdoors. These beginner scooters feature adjustable handles, wide decks, and large foot brakes, so your little ones can more easily maintain balance while they glide down the sidewalk. Find our two-wheeled scooters in classic Radio Flyer red or pink.

Kick Scooters They’ll Take Everywhere

Your youngest won’t leave your eldest in the dust! We offer kids’ scooters for older children as well. Our premium 2-wheel kick scooters take outdoor fun to the next level, featuring larger wheels, front suspension for a smoother ride, and a kickstand to keep it level. When your children finish cruising the neighborhood, our premium kick scooters easily fold and store away. This makes them a convenient outdoor toy to take on trips to the park, vacations, and other family adventures!