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Kids’ Wagons

From the company families have trusted for over 100 years, our kids’ wagons will always safely transport your little ones and precious cargo. Shop our wide selection of stroller wagons, folding wagons, classic pull wagons, and more to help your family Get Out and Play®.

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From iconic wooden or metal styles to expertly designed 4-seater wagons for a family adventure outdoors, our selection of kids’ wagons is unmatched. Vintage red wagons feature the recognizable iconography that has entertained children and families for over a century. Our collapsible wagons and push wagons are the perfect transport for a family outing. Whether you’re heading into the city or taking one of our wagons with a canopy on a family road trip, our options have the durability, features, and smart storage you need. Looking for the most versatile wagon for kids? Our Voya™ Stroller Wagons combine everything you love about strollers with the functionality and fun of a kids’ wagon. As a way to foster active play, we also offer a line of smartly designed and safe wagons for toddlers. Our walker wagons are easy to use and come with exciting features that kids love!

Create a Kid’s Wagon Just For Your Family

Want to design your own pull wagon? Our custom wagons page puts you in the designer seat. Choose your base, pick your fabric or color, accessorize, and personalize your very own vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a steel and wood toy wagon or a 4-seater wagon with all the bells and whistles, customize the perfect transport for all of your upcoming family memories.