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Get your kids outside in the sunshine with a high-quality tricycle for toddlers. Super fun and very safe, a trike is the perfect training vehicle to prepare your toddler for their first bike.

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At Radio Flyer, we offer children’s tricycles in a variety of different styles. Our classic tricycles feature an instantly recognizable design that parents recognize from childhood. Find classic Radio Flyer red trikes with single or dual decks, attachable bells, and streamers on the handlebars. Our classic designs come in pink instead of red and both in plastic and metal options. Chopper tricycles for kids offer a sporty look and are easy to maneuver and pedal. Your little ones will love cruising down the block with these comfortable and fun tricycles. 

Even More Ways to Ride

For parents looking for a tricycle for toddlers that is adjustable and perfect for taking to the park, our tricycle strollers offer flexibility, comfort, and fun. These children’s tricycles combine the best of both strollers and red trikes, and they’re designed to grow with your child. As your little ones develop their motor skills, footrests can be removed to allow for pedaling, and when they’re ready to fly solo, simply take off the push handle. In a similar fashion, our Triple Play Trike morphs from ride-on to tricycle to balance bike, helping your children develop the skills needed for their first bike.