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Foot to Floor Ride-Ons

Encourage your child's sense of independence with Radio Flyer's foot-to-floor ride-ons. These foot-to-floor ride-on toys empower little ones to steer and ride as they explore their world.

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Introduce your child to the thrill of the road with safe, durable, and fun foot-to-floor ride-on toys. At Radio Flyer, we have a wide selection in all different shapes and sizes. Shop for foot-to-floor ride-on cars like roadsters, buggies, bumper cars, and even a child-sized Model Y Tesla! Many of our foot-to-floor toys come in classic Radio Flyer red, and some include special features that enhance the fun your child will have!

Foot-to-floor ride-ons like our Happy Trav’ler vehicles can be pulled like a wagon, offer convenient storage that can keep your child’s belongings safe, and feature a nylon strap for easy portability. Our foot-to-floor ride-on delivery trucks not only feature a cute design, but they also come with fun wooden toys in delivery boxes for your delivery driver in training!

Get Active With Foot-to-Floor Ride-On Toys

From your youngest to your oldest, we specialize in bringing families together with clever and exciting ride-on toys and other outdoor vehicles that get children active! Shop our selection, and see why Radio Flyer has been a household name and an American icon for over 100 years.