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Bike Month Bingo Activities

Bike Month Bingo Activities

Ali Randazzo |

Celebrate Bike Month this May with these 25 bike activities for kids! These are perfect for beginner riders with tricycles or big kids who are seasoned bikers. Download our printable bingo card and hang it on the fridge to keep track of your family’s biking accomplishments!

1. Organize a neighborhood ride

Get your neighbors, adults and kids, together for a fun and scenic bike ride through your community. Choose a route that showcases the best sights and sounds of your area, and make sure to stop at a few local landmarks along the way.

2. Participate in a bike challenge

Choose 1-2 biking goals to complete in May. For example, choose fun biking destinations or completing this bingo card!

3. Draw a bike route

Kids can control their ride by creating their own route! With a parent's help, kids can choose a destination and plot out a scenic and safe path to get there.

4. Ride to a friend’s house

With an adult, bike ride to a friend’s house for a fun and healthy way to hang out.

5. Family bike ride

Get the whole family involved and plan a fun bike ride that everyone can enjoy. Choose a route that's appropriate for all ages and skill levels, and don't forget to pack snacks and drinks for the road.

6. Decorate your bike with streamers or stickers

Kids can add a personal touch to their ride by decorating it with streamers, stickers, or other fun accessories. This is a great way to express creativity and make a bike stand out from the crowd.

7. Make a bike obstacle course to practice your steering

Set up a simple obstacle course in your driveway or backyard to practice steering and agility skills. This is a fun and challenging way to improve kids’ bike handling abilities.

8. Have a bike race!

Whether kids are racing against friends or the clock, a bike race is a great way to get their heart pumping and adrenaline flowing.

9. Ride your bike to a local ice cream shop for a sweet treat

What's better than a refreshing ice cream cone on a hot day? Riding your bike to get it, of course! Choose a local ice cream shop that's within biking distance and enjoy a sweet treat on two wheels.

10. Go on a bike scavenger hunt in your neighborhood

Create a list of items to find and explore your neighborhood on your bike to complete the scavenger hunt. This is a fun and interactive way to discover new places and things in the community.

11. Explore a nearby nature trail or forest preserve on your bike

Biking is a great way to get in touch with nature and explore the great outdoors. Choose a nearby nature trail or forest preserve and hit the trails for a scenic and invigorating ride.

12. Take a picture on your bike

Capture the moment and snap a picture of you and your crew on your bikes. This is a fun and memorable way to document your biking adventures.

13. Call a family member to tell them about a bike ride you went on

Little ones can share the joy of biking with loved ones by calling them up and telling them about their latest ride. This is a great way to stay connected and share experiences with others.

14. Draw a picture of you and your bike

Kids can get creative and crafty by doodling a self-portrait of them on their bike! This is a fun and imaginative way to express your love for biking and showcase artistic skills.

15. Ride your bike to school

Encourage your kids to ride their bikes to school, if possible. It's a great way to get some exercise before starting the day, and it's better for the environment than driving a car. Make sure to review safe biking practices and rules of the road before they set off.

16. Decorate your helmet with stickers

Kids love stickers, and they'll have a blast decorating their helmets with their favorite designs. It's also a great way to personalize their helmets and make them more fun to wear.

17. Draw a driveaway maze with chalk

Create a bike obstacle course by drawing a maze with chalk in your driveway or local park. Kids can ride their bikes through the maze and practice their maneuvering skills.

18. Write a story about your bike

Encourage your kids to get creative and write a story about their bike. They can write about their adventures, the places they've ridden, and even imaginative adventures.

19. Draw a license plate for your handlebars

Kids can draw and decorate their own license plates for their handlebars. This is another fun way to customize their ride.

20. Tricycle circle artworks

Younger kids can enjoy decorating the wheels of their tricycles with chalk, creating unique and colorful circle artworks as they ride. Amp up the fun with “paint” artwork by mixing water and chalk.

21. Practice balance with a “slow race”

Challenge your kids to a slow race, where the last one to cross the finish line wins. This game helps kids improve their balance and bike control.

22. Target toss

Set up a target on a tree or wall and have kids practice throwing a ball or beanbag at it while riding their bikes. This activity can help improve their hand-eye coordination and aim.

23. Ride in a parade

Check with your local community to see if there are any Memorial Day parades or bike parades coming up. Your kids can decorate their bikes and ride alongside other bike enthusiasts.

24. Bike to a picnic destination

Plan a picnic destination and bike ride with the whole family. It's a fun way to explore a new location, get some exercise, and enjoy a picnic outdoors.


Tag @radioflyerinc if you try any of these activities or complete the bingo card as a family!


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