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9 Fun Easter Activities & Crafts for Your Toddler

9 Fun Easter Activities & Crafts for Your Toddler

Mindy Stumpf |

Easter Games & Activities for Kids

Easter is right around the corner! This year, we’re celebrating the holiday with simple Easter games and crafts for preschoolers. From Easter coloring pages to DIY slime crafts, there’s an activity for everyone. Stay in the Easter spirit even after the egg hunt has been completed and the brunch has been gobbled with these 9 Easter activities and crafts for toddlers. Hop to it!

1. Easter Egg Hunt

This is a beloved classic! Hide eggs around the house or in the backyard for Easter themed-fun even before the holiday to get in the spirit. If you need an Easter basket, our My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon® is a fun option for pushing & pulling during your socially distant Easter egg hunt.

2. Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

Get crafty this Easter with this activity book for kids! With three different coloring pages to choose from, simply download the free printable to get started. Ready to doodle? Let’s hop to it!

3. Easter Egg Slime

This Easter craft for preschoolers is the perfect festive twist on a classic activity. You will need glue, saline solution, baking soda, glitter, and food coloring. After making the base of this slime recipe, little ones should stir in their favorite combinations of glitter and color. For a bonus, put the slime inside plastic eggs for extra-festive storage.

4. Backyard Egg Roll

Create your own at-home Easter egg roll modeled off of the longstanding tradition at the White House (did you know people have been rolling eggs at the capitol since the 1870s?). Start by decorating hard-boiled eggs as characters using yarn, paper, and googly eyes. Don’t forget to give tese competitors some fun names! Then, when you’re ready to roll, position the eggs at the top of a hill. The first egg to the bottom wins. P.S. if you don’t have a hill, using spoons to push the eggs along works just as well and is sure to win some laughs.

5. Easter Minute-to-Win-It

This activity is great for groups! Families will have 1 minute to complete festive tasks. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Move 10 jellybeans from one plate to another using only a straw. Concentration & speed are key!
  • Fill an empty tissue box with plastic Easter eggs. Tie the tissue box around the player’s waist and see if they can shake out all the eggs before the minute is up! This Easter activity for preschoolers is sure to burn off some energy and create some laughs.
  • See who can create the tallest tower out of plastic eggs. You can work individually or in teams.  Add in more tasks depending on the materials you have on hand and use your wagon as a base. The tallest tower standing after one minute wins.


Easter Crafts for Toddlers

6. Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunny

Courtney, from Crafts by Courtney, created DIY Toilet Paper Easter Rabbits. This colorful craft uses common household items, like an empty toilet paper roll and dry bow-tie noodles. First, little ones should decorate their roll with paper or paint. While the decoration is drying, sprinkle glitter on a bow-tie noodle to create your very own mini tie for the rabbit. Finish off by gluing the bow tie, googly eyes, and any other accessories you have on hand to the roll.

7. Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Little ones will love getting their hands messy with this craft while adults will love the décor – it’s a win-win Easter craft for toddlers. Start with a basic salt dough recipe from This Grandma Is Fun and then roll the dough out into a ¼ inch thick sheet. With an adult’s help, punch out egg shapes with cookie cutters and a small hole at the top of the egg. When the “eggs” are baked and cooled, little ones can customize their Easter eggs with all colors of the rainbow! Hang the eggs as décor for years to come.

8. Paper Plate Easter Chick Sewing Craft

This craft from Red Ted Art is not only adorable but strengthens your toddler’s fine motor skills, too! Adults should prepare the craft by cutting a hole in the center of a paper plate and punching out holes along the perimeter of the circle. Tape one end of a strip of yarn to the back of the paper plate, then allow little ones to “sew” the yarn back and forth through holes to create a web. After they are done, glue on accessories like felt wings or button eyes to create their chick.

9. Easter Egg Potato Stamps

This craft requires minimal supplies and doubles as a card to mail to loved ones! Adults should cut a potato in half (Natural Beach Living recommends cutting decorative designs into the potato for an added flare). Then, little ones should use the potato as a stamp into their paint and onto their blank canvas.


Share your final artwork with every-bunny online by tagging @radioflyerinc! For more Easter inspo, check out our blog Best Toddler Toy & Gift Ideas for Easter. Hoppy crafting!

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