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Printable Holiday Bingo with 24 Activities

Printable Holiday Bingo with 24 Activities

Jenny Moore |

Tis' the season! Who is ready celebrate the holidays with classic Christmas activities and traditions new and old?


To help your family enjoy the holidays, we’ve created a fun (and free) printable Christmas bingo card featuring 24 Christmas activities for kids. Print out these cards and see how many you and your toddler can check off this month. From sipping hot cocoa and making a snowman to having a party with your family, this holiday bingo card will have the whole family feeling merry. Check out our Christmas bingo printable and list of activities below.


Holiday Activities for Kids

1. Sip on Some Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is the ultimate winter drink! For added fun, create a DIY hot cocoa bar. Toppings can include whipped cream, candy canes, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and more.

2. Build a Snowman

Create a classic snowman with a carrot nose and warm scarf or get creative with the decorations you have at home to make an eclectic snowman. If you live in a warmer climate, a snowman craft will work perfectly.

3. Wrap a Present

Do you prefer a beautiful bag with tissue paper or classic wrapping paper with a ribbon or bow? Either way, your gift will look beautiful under the tree!

4. Write a Wish List

Don’t forget to add a new Radio Flyer toy to your list.

5. Make Holiday Cards

Get crafty and design your own cards. Toddlers can write notes to friends, neighbors, or grandparents. Take a walk with your wagon to deliver them to the recipient or to the mailbox if you need to send them in the mail.

6. Bake Cookies

From gingerbread and sugar to chocolate chip and peppermint, these tasty treats will definitely put you and your family in the holiday spirit!

7. Watch a Holiday Movie

With choices from Christmas classics, holiday romcoms, or animated favorites, you can’t go wrong. Turn your movie night into a DIY drive-in by having little ones nestle in their wagon or Tesla with blankets and pillows for the film.

8. Host a Holiday Party

Get the whole family together for yuletide fun. You can play games, organize a gift exchange, or have a potluck!

9. Donate Clothes or Toys

Work with your little ones to gather items to donate this holiday season to spread the cheer. Your family can also consider gifting a Radio Flyer product to a child in need through our Wishes for Wheels program.

10. Build a Gingerbread House

The whole family can work together to create a special gingerbread house, or you can have a decorating contest!

11. Family Walks to See Holiday Lights

Go on an evening family walk around the neighborhood to check out all the lights and decorations. Which house is your favorite?

12. Decorate the House 

Have your little ones help you decorate the house to get ready for the holidays. Whether you’re putting up décor you already have or you’re making DIY creations, kids will love spending this special time with you.

13. Go Sledding

We love this classic winter activity. If there isn’t snow where you live, your adventure vehicle–your Radio Flyer wagon–is here to help! Dress for the occasion and go on a play pretend sledding adventure by rolling down the sidewalk or turning your neighborhood walk into an imaginative winter wonderland.

14. Wear Your Pajamas All Day

This activity is fitting for the season and the year! Extra points for matching sets.

15. Listen to Holiday Music

There is no easier way to get in the holiday spirit than turning on some festive tunes. For even more fun, turn your listening into a game of freeze dance to get your toddler moving and grooving.

16. Participate in Gift Exchange

Organize a gift exchange with your immediate family, friends, or neighborhood!

17. Make a Holiday Wreath

You and your little ones can take a plain wreath and add decorations to make it your own or create a wreath craft to hang on the fridge.

18. Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a yearly tradition! Toddlers are sure to have a fun time picking out their own sweater.

19. Light a Winter Candle

From fresh pine and cinnamon sticks to sugar cookies and gumdrops, there are plenty of recognizable holiday scents that will have your home smelling like the holidays.

20. Have a Holiday Game Night

Break out your favorite games, turn up the holiday tunes, and enjoy a festive family game night.

21. Make a DIY Gift

Use any crafting materials around the house to create DIY gifts for loved ones.

22. Write a Letter to a Loved One

The holiday season is the perfect time to spread joy through cards to loved ones. Download our free card templates to get started.

23. Take a Festive Photo

3, 2, 1 say cheese! Put on your most festive gear for a family photo. Santa hats, holiday sweaters, pajamas, reindeer antlers, or other silly accessories are all welcome!

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