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Best Tips for Family Travel

Best Tips for Family Travel

Ali Randazzo |

Traveling with the whole family is a great opportunity to create warm memories that last a lifetime. But packing and coordinating travel with toddlers can be an adventure in it of itself. Keep reading for 3 tips to travel efficiently and keep kids entertained this summer.

  1. Pack Smart

Packing baby and toddler essentials requires some planning. While you are packing, lay out a few fun kid items for your child to pack in their toy pack. They can mimic your packing behavior and feel involved in the process. The 3-in-1 Happy Trav’ler combines the convenience of storage and the fun of a ride on! Little ones can not only store their pjs, stuffed animals, or airplane toys, but scoot about in the terminal to release pre-flight wiggles.

After your bags are packed, don’t forget your wagon! The Trav’ler Stroll ‘N Wagon was designed for convenience family travel. It is perfect for rolling through the airport and holding your kids and bags. Then, it folds flat with an included travel cover to store while onboard.

  1. Keep Your Routine

We all know toddlers thrive on routine. Bringing familiar toys on the trip or repeating habits is a great way to maintain this consistency. Our favorite hack is packing the wagon and using wagon rides as a way to explore the new area and wind down.

  1. Engage & Entertain

The best part of vacation? The FUN of course! If you are going on a road trip, packing the Flyer Folding Cargo in the trunk is a necessity. Not only is the eBike an efficient way to get to and from dinners and day-trips, but it’s a blast for the whole family (plus, avoid parking in high-traffic tourist areas!)

One of our favorite road trip items to pack for play is the Busy Buggy®. It’s compact size is perfect for rental property or hotel play and a great tool for easy play between activities or before bed.

What other travel tips do you have? Share with us on social with #RadioFlyer.


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