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Adventure Awaits: Best Backyard Games and Toys

Adventure Awaits: Best Backyard Games and Toys

Jenny Moore |

Long summer days call for outdoor play! When schedules get too busy for all-day adventures, there’s still room for big imaginative play in small spaces. We’re exploring 5 of our favorite games with Radio Flyer toys ideal for backyard play this season.  



1. Bounce Counter: Backyard Bouncer Jr.

Jumping, bouncing, and sliding is not only a blast, but helps develop strength and balance for little ones. This bounce counting game helps kids maintain stamina and practice counting!

  • With parents’ help, kids should set a timer for their jumping challenge (10 seconds is a great starting point!)
  • They can then take turns counting how many jumps they can get in the allotted time.
  • Switch it up by rotating one bounce per child and going around the circle.
  • Counting together is not only great practice but cheers each other on!


iSpy: Play & Fold Away Treetop Tower

iSpy… treetop adventures! iSpy is a classic childhood game that we are leveling up with the Play & Fold Away Climber! Whether they use the telescope to spot their key item or climb on the platform for a view from the treetops, little ones will have a blast with this pretend play and prop combinations.


  • Kids can take turns choosing an item in the room.
  • Without saying what the item is, they can give hints on what the item may be, like describing its color, shape, and size.
  • Families can take turns guessing the chosen item! Whoever guesses correctly gets to choose next!


3. Double the Racing Fun: Ultimate Go-Kart for Two

3, 2, 1… let’s race! Double the racing action with this go-kart for two. Level up the fun with a DIY driveway racecourse.

  • Create a racetrack at home with materials around the house!
  • Draw driving lanes with chalk, set up obstacles to maneuver around with pool noodles, and create an ultimate drift zone target with chalk.


4. Garden Games: Kids’ Wheelbarrow

Not only is it a blast to spend time in the backyard, but with the addition of a garden game, little ones will have a green thumb in no time! Create a scavenger hunt for kids of items in the backyard and collect the treasures in the wheelbarrow.
  • Print out our backyard scavenger hunt game (or create your own) to get started!
  • Hunt for items like sticks, leaves, and seeds to collect in the wheelbarrow.
  • After the hunt is done, the printable doubles as a coloring sheet for added fun.


5. At-home Amusement Park: Flyer 500®

Little ones can experience the thrill of a roller coaster right at home! Feel the wind on their face as they roll down the 6-foot-long track. Little ones can use their imagination to create a wild roller coaster story to pair with the thrill of the ride.


  • Start by taking a few moments for kids to imagine and brainstorm wild roller coaster rides, perhaps they are coasting through jungles or rolling through castles surrounded by monsters.
  • After each turn, little ones can add to their story where the coaster adventure took them.
  • Once their story is complete, write it down (with an adults’ help) and draw pictures to capture this imaginary adventure.
What are your favorite backyard games and toys? Let us know by tagging #RadioFlyer on social media.

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