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3 Tips to Throw a Block Party

3 Tips to Throw a Block Party

Ali Randazzo |

Block parties are the ultimate marker of summer! When the night cools off and fireflies come out, it’s time for a neighborhood block party. Follow these 3 tips to master your summer block party.

PS: Be sure to check your local guidelines and regulations when planning a block party.



Tip #1: How to Organize a Block Party

First thing is first, you need to gather your guests! Once you have created invitations, take your little ones on a wagon ride to hand deliver invites to mailboxes. Safely store your envelopes in the interior storage bag on your Stroll ‘N Wagon and be sure to pack waters in the parent and kid cup holders to say cool on your adventure.

Tip #2: Create the Ultimate Summer Party Menu

There are so many fun themes you can choose when planning an outdoor gathering, such as a picnic theme, barbeque theme, or potluck. Below are 3 fun DIY block party crowd pleasures, sure to satiate and spread smiles.

  • Pro tip: Load refrigerated items in a cooler on to the 3-In-1 Tailgater Wagon®, the ultimate solution to summer block parties. The stow away cooler caddy has extra storage for small coolers. Plus, once you get to your destination, unzip the side of the wagon for 2-seater bench mode to enjoy your company comfortably.



You may have seen the viral snack jar trend (we sure have and our mouths are watering!) This ultimate snack assortment doubles as a fun activity for toddlers to help make. Here’s how to create a snack jar:

  • Find and clean a large jar or plastic snack tub (think an almost-empty cheese puff tub).
  • Kids should brainstorm a list of their favorite small, dry snacks (like pretzels, baked cheese crackers, nuts, etc.) With a parents help; little one’s can write or draw their dream snack shopping list.
  • Once you have shopped for all your snacks, it’s time to assemble! Layer scoops of snacks or dump them all in at once.
  • Depending on your jar, serve with a large scoop or spoon and small bowls.


    This one is fun for groups and easy to prepare at home! Ingredients are customizable to your family and neighbors’ dietary needs, so swap ingredients as needed. Here’s how we would prep a taco bar:

    • At home, collect your ingredients: tortillas (include a combination of flour, corn, and gluten-free), proteins (this can include a plant based option like beans), and toppings (lettuce for crunch, premade or homemade salsa and guacamole, cheeses, and any other favorites!)
    • Package ingredients in temperature regulating containers and load them into a wagon for easy transportation.
    • Once you’re at the party, arrange the ingredients from base to toppings. Serve with plates and napkins.


      Can you tell we like snacks? This customizable and budget-friendly treat from HGTV is great for large groups. Here’s how to make it:

      • Start by serving personal bags of popcorn and a large assortment of toppings.
      • For salty toppings, include garlic salt, Cajun seasoning, or lemon pepper seasoning.
      • For sweet toppings, serve dark chocolate or dried fruit.
      • Kids and parents can build the salty or sweet snack of their dreams!


        Tip #3: Plan Summer Block Party Activities

        From my experience at block parties, little ones usually end up scootering around the block together while adults gather near the music catching up. It’s a pretty free flowing event, so it’s best to have a couple of crowd-pleasing activities that can entertain all night.

        It’s a great idea to bring cornhole, washers, or other yard games you have at home. For more inspiration, here are our top summer block party activities.


        Relay races can be customized to suit all ages. This Hula-Hoop Pass from Very Well Family requires a one hula hoops from each team (send a text to neighbors prior to the party to bring their hula hoops). Here’s how to play:

        • Loop one hula hoop over one players arm, then all players should hold hands to create a circle.
        • The player starting with the hoop must step through the hoop so it rests on the next players arm (without letting go of each other’s hands!)
        • The first team to pass the hula hoop around the circle wins.
        • Option 2: players can form a straight line instead of a circle

          For a no-equipment relay, try crab races or wheelbarrow races.

          2) BOUNCE HOUSES

          The Backyard Bouncer Jr. is a great activity that can be used party after party, year after year. It inflates in minutes for hours of fun. The Backyard Bouncer Jr. has room for up to 2 kids with high mesh walls and a fun slide.


          Check out our ultimate guide to classic summer games. Print this free activity booklet (that also doubles as coloring sheets!) and look for supplies you may already have in your garage (chalk, flags, basketball, etc.) Pick a few games to play as a group.


          Play & Fold Away Climbers can easily be moved from your living room to a front yard. With a slide and secret play space, little ones will have a blast as their imagination takes them sailing on pirate ships, climbing up tree top towers, and to fairytale castles

          • Pro tip: Kids should bring their helmets to the party in case neighbors share scooters, bikes, or ride-on toys.


          What else are you bringing to your block party this summer? Let us know by tagging @radioflyerinc on social media.


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