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3 Outdoor Activities to Celebrate International Day of Play

3 Outdoor Activities to Celebrate International Day of Play

Ali Randazzo |

International Day of Play is June 11th and to celebrate we’re sharing 3 outdoor activities to help your family Get Out and Play®. Whether you’re searching for nearby treasure or zooming around the racetrack, these play ideas are perfect for spreading smiles and fun for the entire family.

1. Garden Scavenger Hunt

Turn your garden into a treasure trove of discoveries with a scavenger hunt. Not only is it a blast to spend time in the backyard, but with the addition of a garden game, little ones will have a green thumb in no time! Use a wheelbarrow and our outdoor scavenger hunt printable to search and collect items in nature. After the hunt, you can discuss their discoveries or use the collected items to create a nature collage.

2. Sidewalk Chalk Racetrack

Does your little one love to race? For a fun outdoor activity, transform your driveway or sidewalk into a thrilling racetrack. Use chalk to draw out a course with twists, turns, and a finish line. When it's done and ready, little racers can use the Flyer™ Glider Jr. to test out the track!

3. iSpy

Take the classic game of iSpy to new heights with the Play & Fold Away Treetop Tower! Little explorers will love climbing on the platform for a view from the treetops and using the telescope to spot their key item. As your child scopes out the scene, challenge them to spot different colors, shapes, or objects.

Which activity is your family trying first? Share your International Day of Play adventures by tagging #RadioFlyer on social media!

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