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Pledge to Play 2020 Winners

3/16/20- Kelly B. from Port Deposit, MD

3/17/20- Jasmine I. from Granada Hills, CA

3/18/20- Michael D. from Smithtown, NY

3/19/20- Courtney S. from Cincinnati, OH

3/20/20- Matt D. from Flatwoods, KY

3/21/20- Seyma S. from Raleigh, NC

3/22/20- Kathleen P. from Forked River, NJ

3/23/20- Christopher M. from Goodyear, AZ

3/24/20- Melissa B. from Lennox, SD

3/25/20- Carmen B. from Dallas, TX

3/26/30- Ginger S. from Kennerdell, PA

3/27/20- John F. from Colbert, OK

3/28/20- Rachel L. from Trenton, GA

3/29/20- Mark S. from Ormond Beach, FL

3/30/20- Tasha E. from Marion, IA