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Our 7 Best Wagons for 4th of July

Our 7 Best Wagons for 4th of July

Jenny Moore |

Fireworks. Parades. Beach days. Barbecues. And let’s not forget the red, white, and blue! These are just a few things that may be part of your family’s 4th of July traditions. No matter how you’re celebrating the 4th of July holiday this year, Radio Flyer has you covered with the perfect wagon for your family’s festivities. Read on to learn more about our top 7 wagons for the 4th of July.

1. Best 4-Kid Wagon for Parades: Voya™ Quad Stroller Wagon

Enjoy parade season with your home base on the go! The Voya Quad Stroller Wagon carries four kids with built-in padded seats and a spacious footwell, so your family can roll in comfort and style. Thanks to its extensive storage options, you can carry everything you need from snacks, to blankets to parade décor!

2. Best Blue Wagon for Festive Family Walks: Atlas Stroll 'N Wagon


Ready to stroll through the neighborhood in style? Our Atlas Stroll ‘N Wagon comes in 3 colors and is ready for any adventure! Versatile push & pull capabilities make this wagon comfortable to maneuver for any 4th of July activity.

3. Best Cargo Hauler for Firework Shows: The Beast MVP Wagon


Whether you’re lugging equipment to set up a firework show or carrying folding chairs and coolers to the perfect viewing spot, The Beast MVP is the ultimate utility wagon for all 4th of July festivities. This full-sized, heavy-duty folding utility wagon can haul up to 300 lbs. – it’s called The Beast for a reason! Plus, it passes the toy safety standard, so little ones can enjoy the ride too.

4. Best Toy Wagon for 4th of July Block Parties: Push & Pull Walker Wagon with Bubbles and Chalk


Looking for a fun and festive play idea for your neighborhood block party? To welcome guests and enhance décor, little ones can use the Push & Pull Walker Wagon with Bubbles and Chalk to create their own sidewalk art! Plus, this toddler wagon doubles as the perfect beginner walker, providing balance and stability as your little one walks & plays. 

5. Best Ride for a Beach-Filled Holiday: Beach & Boardwalk Wagon


Spending your July 4th holiday on the beach? The Beach & Boardwalk Wagon is the ultimate fun-in-the-sun beach wagon for your family. The specially designed extra wide wheels provide a smooth ride on sand, perfect adventure wagon for hauling all of your beach toys, gear, and 4th of July picnic décor. 

6. Best Classic Wood Wagon for Parades: Town & Country® Wagon


The classic look and versatile design make this the ideal vehicle for little ones and all your essentials (while also providing an ideal base for 4th of July decorations). Streamers, flags, signs, and more – deck out this classic wood wagon for a truly patriotic ride!

7. Best Wagon for Picnics & Barbecues: 3-in-1 Tailgater Wagon® with Canopy


Picnics & barbecuing are synonymous with July 4th. Tow kids & cargo to your celebration with the 3-in-1 Tailgater Wagon®. Bring all your cold drinks & foods along using the caddy to securely haul your family’s cooler. Plus, the safety straps and zippers transform the tailgate wagon into bench mode for instant extra seating that little ones can enjoy at the backyard bbq or picnic party wherever you may be. 

How are you celebrating July 4th this year? Whether you’re soaking up the sun with a beach day, enjoying a barbeque at home, or heading to a parade with all of your red, white, and blue, we hope you have a fun holiday with your loved ones! Share your adventures with us on social media by tagging @radioflyerinc!

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