Guide to Using a Beach Wagon

Guide to Using a Beach Wagon

Chelsea Lavin |

A day at the beach should be a day for relaxation and fun. If you’re preparing for a beach day with little ones, simplify travel with our favorite waterside wagon: Beach & Boardwalk Wagon. To make your beach outings more convenient and enjoyable, a beach wagon can be your best companion. Let’s dive in and discover tricks to maximize the potential of your beach wagon!

Three Wagons in One

Hello, versatility! Kids can sit comfortably in the wagon without being crowded with cargo. An integrated storage bar fits up to three beach chairs, while a cooler cady is perfect for hauling your packed picnics and bags.

Once you’ve picked the best spot on the sand to settle down for the day, simply convert the wagon to bench mode. Little ones can sit comfortably side by side while applying sunscreen or snacks. Plus, the UV blocking canopy ensures safe outdoor play.


Smooth Sailing

Navigating through sand can be a challenge, but with the extra-wide beach tires on this wagon, you can glide effortlessly over the dunes. The linked steering mechanism ensures smooth maneuverability, allowing you to make turns easily and maintain control while pulling the wagon through the sandy terrain. This feature is particularly useful when exploring different spots along the beach or finding the perfect spot for your beach setup.


Ultimate Convenience

Convenience is key when it comes to beach accessories. The easy one-hand folding functionality allows you to carry or store the wagon, even while holding your little one’s hand or carrying other items. Once folded, it becomes compact and can be stored in your car trunk or any tight storage space without taking up much room.

If your family has a trip coming up or are frequent beach goers, a beach wagon is essential for stress free, and fun filled days. So, next time you head to the shore, don't forget to bring along the Beach & Boardwalk Wagon for ultimate beach adventures.

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