7 Wagon Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Wagon Halloween Costume Ideas

Jenny Moore |

At Radio Flyer, we LOVE Halloween. When October 31st rolls around this year, be prepared for the sweet treats and spooktacular fun with your very own Radio Flyer wagon, The Official Wagon of Halloween®.

Not only is a wagon the perfect vehicle for transportation but it’s also the perfect vehicle for imagination! We’ve seen a lot of creative wagon costumes over the years, from group family Halloween costumes to cute and cuddly baby costumes. Check out 7 of our favorite DIY wagon Halloween costume ideas to get your little ones rolling this Halloween.

1. Witchy Wagon

This wicked wagon is casting spells and smiles! Create a witchingly good wagon costume by adding your favorite Halloween decorations. Not only is this wagon decked out for trick-or-treating, but the process of picking out supplies and decorating the wagon is a fun bonus Halloween activity for the whole family!

To make things even easier, you can use any materials you already have on hand at home to create your Halloween-inspired wagon scene.


  • Ghost tinsel
  • Battery powered string lights
  • Any other decorations you want to add!
  • Voya™ Stroller Wagon

2. Lion’s Den

Let your little one’s imagination run wild with this spooky lion’s den costume! Add festive flare by incorporating all your favorite Halloween decorations. From spider webs, to pumpkins, to Halloween signs, the opportunities for creating a spooktacular wagon are endless!


3. Bubble Bath 

Scrub-a dub-dub! Does your little one love bath time? Bring the fun of bath time to trick-or-treating with this sud-orable wagon costume! Just add balloons, a loofah and a rubber ducky for a family costume that spreads suds and smiles!


4. Gumball Machine

Satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth with a gumball machine costume. Creating a Halloween costume this sweet will make the entire family feel like a kid in a candy store. Start by gathering cardboard, markers, and tape to decorate and create the gumball machine lid and coin slot. Optimize your wagon’s canopy to create the gumball machine lid. Finish off the look with multi-colored balloons and a gumball costume for your little one.


5. Watermelon Wagon

Looking for a slice of summer in October? This costume is one in a melon! Recreate this mouth-watering Halloween costume with ease. All you need is green and black colored felt (or paper), tape and an accompanying watermelon costume!


  • Green and black felt (or paper)
  • Tape
  • Watermelon costume
  • Build-A-Wagon

6. Spectacular Circus

Have you ever claimed that your house was a circus? When October 31st rolls around, bring it to life with this wagon costume for the whole family. Start by naming your family’s circus with letter cut-outs. Next, create an enclosure by attaching wooden poles from your wagon’s canopy. Complete the act with matching circus costumes!


7. Sea Creatures

With just some construction paper and an accompanying sea creature costume, this wagon costume will have families swimming to shore to hand your little one treats. With blue paper, cut out a wave design then tape it around your wagon. Finish off the look with an accompanying shark costume or grey outerwear with DIY fins. This wagon costume for kids can go beyond sharks to feature their favorite sea creatures, like starfish, jellyfish, or even a scuba diver!


It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween wagon ideas! Grab your wagon or shop our wagon selection and let your imagination run wild.

We can’t wait to see what creative, cute, and spooky costumes you come up with this year with your very own Official Wagon of Halloween. Share your wagon costumes by tagging #RadioFlyer on social media. Happy Halloween!

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