Best Baby Friendly Vacations for the Entire Family

Best Baby Friendly Vacations for the Entire Family

Chelsea Lavin |

Traveling with a toddler is an exciting adventure and finding the perfect destination is the starting point. We’re exploring three destinations that cater to the needs of the whole family, including your little ones.

Walkable Cities

Exploring cities on foot can be a fantastic way to immerse yourself in local culture and see the sights up close. There are always new attractions, local events, restaurants, and of course strolling to take in the sights.

Our favorite travel tool: Trav’ler Stroll ‘N Wagon

What’s better than exploring by foot? Exploring by wagon! The Trav’ler Stroll ‘N Wagon features a convenient push and pull handle. Parent storage caddy and cup holder for kids and parents are perfect for all-day adventures. Plus, the wagon folds flat with one hand fold to store at restaurants, airports, or trunks.


National Parks

Parks offer a wonderful opportunity for exploration. Forests, walking paths and hikes are a great way to get the whole family moving.

Our favorite travel tool: Flyer Folding Cargo

Whether you’re biking to your destination or hitting the paths by bike, an eBike is a great way to explore without a lot of physical output. With a range of 40+ miles and a choice of pedal assist or throttle, this is our go-to for on-the-go rides. Plus, the eBike folds for easy storage in the trunk during road trips on the way to your destination. Be sure to check local guidelines and regulations before hitting the trail.


Rural Areas

Escape the hustle and bustle of life by venturing into serene rural areas. These destinations offer a peaceful retreat for the entire family to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Our favorite travel tool: Busy Buggy® and 3-in-1 Happy Trav’ler

After a day of relaxing, walks, and enjoying unplugged play, these two toys are ideal for winding town before bedtime. The Busy Buggy has 17 interactive activities to keep your little one busy while preparing meals or enjoying much needed R&R. The 3-in-1 Happy Trav’ler is not only a fun suitcase for kids, but doubles as a ride-on toy to release wiggles before bedtime.


Planning a baby-friendly vacation requires finding destinations that cater to the needs of the entire family. Exploring walkable cities, serene rural areas, and enchanting parks can provide a well-rounded experience for both parents and children.


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