Frequently Asked Questions

Tesla Model S for Kids

How do you recommend charging the battery?
When charging, refer to the light indicators on the top of the battery. We recommend unplugging the battery once all five lights are illuminated, and do not recommend charging over 12 hours. For best usage of your battery, we recommend plugging in the battery to charge once it has reached one light on the light indicator, and charging until all five lights are illuminated once more.
What features are included with the "Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer"?
The “Tesla Model S for Kids” includes working headlights, a working horn, a storage compartment under the front hood (the “frunk”), and a sound system for plugging in your music player
How can I customize my “Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer”?
Select your car’s color, choose your rim color, upgrade to a longer range battery, add a car cover accessory, purchase spare batteries and add your own personalized license plate & parking sign.
What is the age range for the Tesla Model S for Kids?
3-8 years old
What is the weight capacity for riding the Tesla Model S for Kids?
81 lbs.
What kind of assembly is required for the car?
The seat, steering wheel, and wheel rims are customer assembled. A Phillips head screwdriver is the only tool needed for assembly.
What is the benefit of a FlightSpeed™ Lithium Ion Battery?
FlightSpeed™ Lithium Ion Batteries provide the highest performance with:
  • The fastest charge time, taking as little as 3 hours to charge, while traditional lead-acid batteries require charging overnight (12-14 hours).
  • 3 times the play per day versus competitors! Due to the long run time and short charging time.
  • Far longer life than traditional lead acid batteries, saving you money on replacement batteries.
How will the battery be charged?
Charging is easy with 2 quick options: 1) Plug into the charging port, just like a real Tesla or 2) simply slide out your battery to charge separately.
What’s the maximum speed and can the car be reversed?
Control max speed with 2 settings: up to 3 MPH or 6 MPH. There is a reverse setting on the car.
How long does the battery last?
There are two batteries available: The standard battery (RF60) will provide approximately 6 miles of riding per charge The premium battery (RF90) will provide approximately 9 miles of riding per charge.
What is the total run time?
The standard battery (RF60) lasts between 1-2 hours of continuous running depending on speed selected The premium battery (RF90) lasts between 1.5-3 hours of continuous running depending on speed selected Note: The run times listed above are averages as they can vary by child’s weight, riding terrain and speed.
How big is the car and how much does it weigh?
  • Exterior (Overall) height/length/width: 21”/52”/28.5”
  • Seat to pedal (range, from front and back of seat): 17-22”
  • Frunk (Front Trunk): 15”x10”x8”
  • Weight: 40.5lbs
  • Package dimensions: 54.5”x18.5”x28”
  • Package weight: 55lbs
  • Wheel Dimensions: 9”x 4”W
  • Distance from back of seat to the steering wheel: 17”
What are the approved shipping destinations for the Tesla Model S for Kids?
The Tesla Model S for Kids has been tested and approved to ship to the following locations: Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K. and US. Click here to make your selection:
What is the input voltage and frequency?
At this time, the Radio Flyer Tesla Model S for Kids’ charger is designed for US use only. The input voltage is 110V and the frequency is 60Hz.
What does my Tesla Model S for Kids VIN mean?
To decode your VIN, click here
Can I get my Tesla Model S for Kids serviced?
Check out our Service Centers here!
Can I purchase accessories separately for my Tesla Model S for Kids?
Yes, accessories can be purchased separately here!
How do I assemble the steering wheel?
We have a helpful video to assist you with proper installation of the steering wheel. Please click here!