Frequently Asked Questions

Replacement Parts

Can I add a canopy to my 3-In-1 Folding Wagon?
If your 3-in-1 Folding Wagon did not come with a canopy, we do not have a compatible canopy add-on available separately.
If your wagon originally came with a canopy and the canopy needs to be replaced, please contact Customer Service at or (800)621-7613.
What is your return policy on replacement parts?
All of our Radio Flyer replacement parts orders placed on our website or through a representative are final. We do not offer any returns or exchanges on our replacement parts.
How do I purchase replacement parts?
Some of our most popular replacement parts for our most recent product line are available on our website here. Please choose the category from the drop down list and to see what products are available. You can also call Customer Service directly at (800)621-7613 for a complete list of replacement parts. Orders can be placed on our website or over the phone.
Do you ship replacement parts internationally?
Radio Flyer ships our replacement parts internationally. Please call Customer Service at (800)621-7613 to receive a shipping quote and to place your order.
I don’t see my product listed on your website; will the parts shown here work for my product?
AMany of Radio Flyer’s replacement parts are specific to their model number. If you have a question as to whether or not a replacement part will fit your product specifically, please call Customer Service at (800)621-7613 or email at
How do I receive replacement parts under warranty?
Please click here for full details on our warranty policy. To submit a request for replacement parts under warranty, please click here.
Can I get my Electric Vehicle serviced?
Check out our Service Centers here!