Frequently Asked Questions

Cyberquad for Kids

What is the maximum weight capacity for Cyberquad?
The maximum weight capacity for Cyberquad is 150 lbs.
What are the age recommendations for Cyberquad?
The recommended minimum age for Cyberquad is children 8 and up.
What is the maximum speed of Cyberquad?
10 mph
What speed rates does Cyberquad have?
The Cyberquad can be limited to a max speed of 5mph for new riders, or with the flip of a switch, allowed to travel up to 10 mph.
Can the Cyberquad be reversed?
Yes, max speed 5 mph
What is the total run time for Cyberquad?
15 miles (estimated)
How do you charge a Cyberquad? How long does it take to charge?
Plug the charger into the bottom of the battery. A completely discharged battery can take up to 5 hours to completely charge.
How do you assemble a Cyberquad?
Please see the instruction manual.
Where is the throttle located?
The throttle will be located on the handlebar assembly.
What are the legal requirements for riding the Cyberquad?
The Cyberquad is a children’s toy and is designed to meet or exceed all industry standards and regulatory standards. You should research and follow any local rules and regulations when using the Cyberquad.
How many riders does the Cyberquad accommodate?
The Cyberquad is designed for use by one rider at a time.
What are the assembled product dimensions?
46.00” L x 27.5” W x 31.00” H (top of handlebars to floor)
How do you inflate the tires on the Cyberquad?
Each tire has an air valve on the backside of the wheel. Push the air valve cap down and twist to remove. A standard bike pump is recommended for inflating the tires
How do I charge my Cyberquad?
To charge, you will remove the battery from the product, then connect the charger to a wall outlet. The battery slides in and out of place with ease – no tools needed for removal.
What are the carton dimensions for the Cyberquad?
46.00” L x 27.00” W x 24.00” H
How much does the Cyberquad weigh fully assembled?
Fully assembled, the Cyberquad weight 105.2 lbs.
What type of battery does the Cyberquad use?
The Cyberquad uses a 36 Volt Lithium-Ion battery.
Where should I store my Cyberquad?
For optimal performance, we recommend storing your product indoors. Product cannot be stored in rainy or snowy conditions..
How do I clean the Cyberquad?
We recommend spot cleaning using a washcloth with warm water and soap. The Cyberquad should not be cleaned with a hose. Please allow for the product to fully dry before placing back in storage.
What is the status of my order?
When your order ships, you will receive a tracking number for the shipment via email. If you have questions regarding the delivery, please contact FedEx with your unique tracking number.
What is the warranty policy for the Cyberquad?
You can learn more about the warranty policy for the Cyberquad for Kids here.