Cyberquad for Kids


Lithium-Ion Battery

10 MPH

Max Speed

15+ Miles


The Superior Tesla Experience

Developed in partnership with the Tesla Design Studio, the Cyberquad for Kids by Radio Flyer offers faster speed, longer run time, and faster charge time with a game changing design inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck.

High Performance

Engineered to provide faster acceleration with a max speed of 10 mph. The Flight Speed® Li Ion Battery technology provides 15+ miles of range and charges 3X faster than lead acid batteries.

Authentic Design

Inspired by the revolutionary Tesla Cybertruck, the Cyberquad for Kids was designed by Radio Flyer in collaboration with the Tesla Design Studio. This unique design features cyber-punk inspired faceted body panels with LED light bars for the headlight and taillight just like the full size Cyberquad design.

Precision Handling

The variable speed thumb throttle gives total control to the rider from 0-10 mph, and the rear disc brake provides high-performance braking action. The tread on the rubber air-filled tires gives traction for superior handling and maneuverability.

Comfortable Ride

The rear shock suspension system absorbs bumps and is adjustable for different rider weights. The ergonomic vehicle design combined with a soft padded seat provides a comfortable ride.

Powered by Flight Speed® Lithium-Ion Technology

Flight Speed® Li Ion Battery Battery technology provides maximum power throughout the duration of the ride. It has an extended range (15+miles) and charges 3X faster than traditional batteries. The quick release Flight Speed® battery pack removes from the back to easily plug in to the custom designed Cyberquad charger.

Sturdy Steel Frame

The Cyberquad for Kids is built to last with a welded steel frame giving it the strength and durability to support a max rider weight of 150lbs.

Rugged Air Tires

The bolted steel hub wheels with thick rubber air tires provide a soft ride over bumpy roads. The larger 16” diameter front tires cut its own path and provide better steering control while the wider 14” diameter rear tires provide better torque and traction for optimal performance.

Parental Speed Control

With two speed settings in the back, parents can set the max speed to either 5 mph or 10 mph. In the low setting, the rider has control of the speed from 0-5 mph with the thumb throttle. In the high setting, the rider has control of the speed from 0-10 mph.

Performance Disc Brakes

In addition to total control over the speed with the thumb throttle, the rider can activate a quick stopping action with the hand brake that activates the rear disc brake stopping both rear wheels.

Cyberquad for Kids

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