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By: Bettye M. |  Date:  Sunday, March 16, 2014
"As many others, I also grew up with a red wagon.
It brought many years of fun. So I passed on the
fun to my children and now my grandchildren.
Well in January 2014, me , my daughter and my
youngest grandson took a trip to CT (where
my husband was on a job). Long story short,
we packed up our jeep inside & on the top
with lots of totes . A sight to see. When we stopped
at a Tractor Supply, my grandbaby spotted
a Radio Flyer covered red wagon. Well, even though there was no
place to haul it , we wanted it very bad. In the parking lot we unpacked the top then
repacked it with the big box on
top too. It rode with us from Connecticut to
Mississippi. Radio Flyer wagons make wonderful memories.

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