Flyer Friday: New Beginnings

January 04, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Thanks to Kathie B. from Grand Rapids, MI for this week's Flyer Favorite.  She works with Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan to find homes for retired race dogs. This litter was born in Pensacola, FL.  She and her husband had the privilege to take photos of them. And we all get to enjoy!  Thanks Kathie, for sharing.

The Gift of Radio Flyer

December 17, 2012
posted by Melissa Enos

Did you ever wonder if the team who designs Radio Flyer products, gives the products as gifts to their own kids, friends, and family?   Based on my round of interviews in our office, these are some favorite Radio Flyer gifts.  Check out what our product development experts say they have given and the fun reactions they received. 

Flyer Friday: Christmas Tree Farm

December 14, 2012
posted by Tracy Baldwin

This week's photo comes from Matt B. in Issaquah, WA.  He is with his 16-month-old son at a Christmas tree farm getting his tree.

Flyer Friday: Best Friend

December 07, 2012
posted by Tracy Baldwin

It's Flyer Friday, where we select our favorite submitted photo.  This week's photo comes from Jim S. in Bend, Oregon.  It features Stu, his 3-year-old golden doodle, patiently waiting.  Jim takes the wagon with Stu to pick up his granddaughter from Montessori school and then they go to the park together.  Jim is a retired special education teacher and says, "getting to care for Anabell a few hours a week is the best part of my life right now, (and golf, haha)."   Thanks for sharing Jim! 

The Story Behind Radio Flyer Red

December 03, 2012
posted by Robert Pasin

Everyone always asks me, "Why are Radio Flyer wagons red?"  

I always struggle to answer this question because nobody really knows the answer.  

Sometimes I say, "It is because my grandfather was an Italian immigrant and all Italians love the color red — think Ferraris, spaghetti sauce, and wine."  

Flyer Friday: The Red Baron

November 16, 2012
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Our favorite photo this week photo comes from Samir M. in Cincinnati.  He submitted a photo of his son from Halloween.  We love the little Red Baron!  He's flying with style.  Thanks for sharing, Samir!

Flyer Friday: Pumpkin Patch

November 09, 2012
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Happy Friday! 

As you get ready to kick off the weekend, we wanted to share a photo to inspire you to go outside and play!  We'll feature a different user-submitted photo each week.

This week's Flyer Friday feature comes from Emily A. in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Emily had a little help from her 2-1/2 year old daughter while visiting a pumpkin patch in her hometown at the end of October. Thanks for sharing your photo Emily! 

Did anyone else have a chance to enjoy a family trip to a pumpkin patch this fall?  

Birthday Bash: Isabelle turns 4!

November 19, 2012

Kid's birthday parties are a chance to celebrate one special child at one special moment in their life. There are some standard ingredients: invitations, party treats, fun activities, and gaggles of friends. Each element is infinitely customizable to age, hobbies and family tradition. Choosing a theme based on a child's interests (or obsessions?) is a way to cherish who they are at that exact age.

At the Pumpkin Patch

October 31, 2012
posted by Kim Lefko

Recently my family and I were at a pumpkin farm searching for the perfect pumpkins.  Throughout our visit I loved watching families collect pumpkins, capture pictures, eat cider donuts and race down the slide coming off “Tire Mountain.” And we came across the best display of Radio Flyer wagons I have ever seen.

Why the World Needs Radio Flyer

September 27, 2012
posted by Robert Pasin

Why does the world need Radio Flyer?  Really … come on – it’s just a toy.  Would people die if they didn’t have a wagon, or a tricycle?  Our products are not a necessity.  I was chatting with my neighbor a couple of nights ago, and guess what he does? He’s a brain surgeon – he saves lives.  What do I do? I just sell wagons. 

It got me thinking … am I making a meaningful enough contribution to this world?