Radio Flyer Brings Joy to Children in Need

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Radio Flyer Brings Joy to Children in Need

January 19, 2018
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Making children smile. Fostering warm, meaningful memories. Creating products that spark active, imaginative play. These are missions of ours. It’s why we’re thrilled to work with organizations — like the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Toy Industry Foundation — that share our vision, while bettering the lives of kids.


For over 35 years, the Starlight Children’s Foundation has brought joy to the lives of over 60 million hospitalized children and their families.. In celebration of our centennial, we donated 2,000 Pathfinder Wagons to the cause. They are used around hospitals in place of wheelchairs, and offer a comfortable, familiar and more inviting transport to kids.


We’re also proud to support the Toy Industry Foundation. This foundation has donated over $200 million in toys to 23 million children globally since 1961. Among the young recipients, some have undergone complicated medical procedures. Others have experienced the foster care system, lived through natural disasters, suffered abuse or neglect, or have been separated from their parent(s), who are serving in the armed forces.


We donate toys to help bring solace and happiness to their lives, and we encourage you to join us in supporting their efforts. To learn more about ways you can contribute, visit the Starlight Children’s Foundation website and Toy Industry Foundation website.