Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder™ Launch at San Diego Comic-Con

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Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder™ Launch at San Diego Comic-Con

December 04, 2017
posted by Chelsea Lavin

Some toys are the stuff of dreams — no matter your age. Undeniably, Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder™ tops the list. Given it’s the first kid-size Landspeeder you can actually drive, we chose to launch the vehicle at Comic-Con International: San Diego, July 19-23, 2017.


Setting the scene, our booth replicated Tatooine — complete with two Landspeeders, a miniature R2-D2 and mock-rocks for “authenticity.” There was also a large-screen TV showcasing the demo video, offering inspiration to passersby. While we encouraged kids to take pictures with the vehicles and post them online, tots weren’t alone in their excitement over the iconic ride.


Of course, the festivities extended beyond the event. Two kids dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker joined our street team for an attention-grabbing cruise through the city of San Diego. Not surprisingly, even celebrities were drawn to the fun-filled spectacle!

By now, you may be thinking, “I need a Landspeeder of my own!” We get it. Sold internationally, enthusiasts of all ages can find the singular ride exclusively at Toys R Us.


Featuring seats for two riders, it sports an interactive dashboard with flashing lights and real movie sounds. Ensuring a galactic driving experience, the Landspeeder cruises at a comfortable two or five miles per hour.


Click here to see it firsthand and learn more.


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