Fall Fun Secret Ingredient: Wagons

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Fall Fun Secret Ingredient: Wagons

October 27, 2014

Wagons are an important companion for fall adventures. A bright red wagon can add a dash of fun to raking leaves and a walking break for weary trick-or-treaters. Here are some ways to explore fall with your wagon. 


It is so much more fun to rake leaves, carefully craft piles for jumping, and then haul them out of the yard when you have a Classic Walker Wagon to help out.


Cute little orange pumpkins can get HEAVY. A set of wheels is the perfect addition to any pumpkin patch trip. Wagons help families with multiple jack-o-lanterns get to the car, and they allow little ones to proudly tote pumpkins all by themselves.


Traveling from house to house starts of with running, but sometimes trails to slow toddling for younger ghosts and ghouls. Help your littlest one keep up with the big kids in a wagon. It can even become part of the costume! Or it is a great way to carry furry friends dressed for the occasion. 

What fall adventures does your family have planned?