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Our mission is to bring smiles and warm memories to families all over the world, including in our offices and neighborhoods. Radio Flyer is an award-winning workplace thanks to great training programs, engaged workers and many great perks, including paid time off to volunteer! We also hope to bring smiles to our community by building playgrounds in underserved areas and donating products.

A Great Workplace 


#1 Best Places to Work in Illinois: The Daily Herald. 2015-2017
#3 Great Place to Work in Chicago: Fortune. 2017
#1 Great Place to Work: 50 Best – America’s Small & Medium Companies to Work For: Fortune. 2015
#2 Best Place to Work for Minorities in Chicago: Crain’s 2017

Amy BastugaAmy Bastuga, SVP of Human Resources

“Our goal is to create a great workplace where everyone says, ‘I love my job,’ where we have fun, keep learning, care passionately and develop personally and as part of a team. To ensure that all of our teams are engaged and all ‘Flyers’ are highly focused and motivated, we develop five annual company goals and align team and employee goals with these. Our rigorous 10-step hiring process ensures that we bring people in who share our values. Our top-ranked internship program and Wagon U help us attract talent and ensure that existing Flyers develop their skills and reach their potential.  Women hold 48% of management positions and all managers participate in regular reviews with staff. Above all, we strive to abide by the Little Red Rule: every time we touch people’s lives, they will feel great about Radio Flyer – because we live the Flyer Code.”


To further our mission to improve our communities, we provide our U.S. “Flyers” with 24 paid hours for volunteering in community service projects. This includes their participation in company-wide SMILE day events such as our playground-building project. Our teams are passionate about this experience; a Smile Squad survey found that 95% of Flyers (U.S.) believe it is important that Radio Flyer makes a commitment to community service.

Building Playgrounds

Active play is a powerful thing. Playgrounds build muscles, imagination, and community and help children develop the skills they need to become successful adults. At Radio Flyer, not only do we enable outdoor play through our wagons and trikes, we also build playgrounds. We have built eight playgrounds in under-served Chicago neighborhoods through a partnership with KaBOOM!, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that kids have opportunities for active play. 



“Having the opportunity to volunteer with fellow “Flyers” means a lot to me because we get a chance to help make someone else’s day better. Volunteering is a great way to spread happiness and give kids an extra reason to smile. I love that I’ve been able to do such a wide range of volunteer work through Radio Flyer, from hosting a small game session at a daycare to building an entire playground at Kaboom.


At the Kaboom events, many of the kids are just looking for a safe place to play together. Knowing that thousands of kids will get to play on this park in the years to come makes me feel nostalgic for parks from my childhood. This is definitely one of my favorite days of the year at Radio Flyer.” 




El Paso Children’s Hospital received wagon donations from Radio Flyer in 2014 and 2013 via the Starlight Foundation.

The RF International team provides annual support to an orphanage for disabled children, the Shenzhen Huayang Special School. 

Social Compliance

The health, safety, and fair treatment of the workers in the manufacturing plants where our suppliers make our products are critical aspects of our commitment to responsibly made products.

Our products are manufactured in the United States and overseas.  99.9% of our overseas volume comes from suppliers who have received the “ICP Seal of Compliance" and we are working toward our goal of 100%. This seal means that the facilities have been audited and met the standards of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) ethical manufacturing program, called the ICTI CARE Process (ICP). The Seal of Compliance ensures that these facilities have responsible practices in the areas of health and safety, child and forced labor, working hours and wages, discrimination and disciplinary practices, and social benefits. 

The ICP Seal is required for all overseas factories that manufacture products sold to one of our major customers. This helps companies such as ours promote positive change in our supply chains. Less than one percent of our products are manufactured at supplier that does not yet meet the ICP requirements; our goal is to work with that supplier to get the certification.