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Over 250 Combinations

Radio Flyer has brought you toys for outdoor play since 1917. Now you can create a scooter that is perfect for your favorite little rider.

  • Ages 3-7
  • Choose from 5 colors
  • 2 cool graphic style options
  • Add Speed Activated Light-Up Wheels, a Bell and Streamers
  • Create a custom graphics with a personalized name!
  • We will plant a tree for every toy you buy on
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Base Scooter Starts at $39.99
Every Build-A-Scooter combination offers lean-to-steer
technology and a high performance ride.

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*Accessories not sold separately.

Age Grade: 3-7yrs


Weight Capacity: 60lbs

Assembled Product Dimensions: 21.7\" x 10.5\" x 25.5\"
Height range of 25.5\" to 33.25\" (adjustable handlebar)

Assembly Required


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Available 1/13/2016


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