Halloween Fun: Cruising Costumes

October 28, 2013
Neighborhoods everywhere are bursting with decorations in anticipation of Halloween.  I love to see doorsteps lit by the glow of carved pumpkins and shrubs beset with spider webs.  Soon sidewalks will be overtaken by pirates and princesses sprinting from house to house. 
Trick-or-treating can be hard work, and sometimes little pumpkins need help keeping up with their older siblings' frantic candy gathering.


June 28, 2013

Parades are a key ingredient of American summers. As a kid, I loved decorating my parade bike. I happily spent whole mornings agonizing over the best proportions of stars to stripes.  Halfway through covering my bike in crepe paper, I always wished my bike was red, white or blue. That would be such an easier starting point! 

Wagon Transformation: King of the Road

April 04, 2013
posted by Randy Sandlin

From Alaska to Mississippi and California to Illinois people’s heads are turning as they drive down the street.  It’s not because of the latest automobiles coming out of Detroit, it’s because of the oversized red wagons on the road.   I found four unique rides that have been created to resemble the classic  Radio Flyer wagon.

  • Fred Keller and Judy Foster from Wasilla, Alaska transformed a 1976 Mazda Pickup truck. We love the real Radio Flyer wagon wheel used for the steering wheel.
  • Ted Magnum from Ellisville, Mississippi transformed a 1987 Ford ambulance into this beauty.
  • Rick Sullivan from Clinton, Illinois built this wagon on a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra.
  • Art Baker and Bob Castaned of Davis, California went for a hot rod look. The chrome exhaust is a nice added touch.

Wagon Transformation: Schulz Go Kart

January 07, 2013
posted by Randy Sandlin

Radio Flyer wagons have always been about imaginative play for kids.  But I've uncovered a group of adults out there who still embrace using their imaginations by creating amazing wagon Go Karts, constructing homemade playgrounds or dreaming up new forms of transportation.  I have been surfing the web to find my favorite Radio Flyer transformations and came across a Go Kart created by Chris Schulz.