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Best Friends Forever

October 14, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Congratulations to Lois M., of Walled Lake, Michigan, the September 2013 winner in our Little Red Stories contest!  She shared the moving childhood story of her and her best friend Shawn, who grew up together in the mid-1960s in Redford.  Here’s her story:

Radio Flyer Little Red Stories

August 15, 2013
posted by Robert Pasin

The first thing most people do when they meet me and find out what I do for a living is smile.  The next thing they do is say, “I have a Radio Flyer story,” and their eyes light up, their expression softens, they look into the distance and seem to be transported back to their childhood. 

They then proceed to tell me about the wagon they toted along on the paper route they had when they were a kid, how their sibling pulled them around in crazy backyard adventure or the rocketship they created with their friends.

Family Vacation: Discovering Your Roots

May 24, 2013
posted by Robert Pasin

My grandfather and founder of Radio Flyer, Antonio Pasin, and his wife, my grandmother Anna, were born in Rosa, Italy.  It’s a small town nestled in the foothills of the Alps near Bassano del Grappa (famous for the after-dinner liquor by the same name) in northern Italy near Venice.Antonio Pasin (far right), founder of Radio Flyer, circa 1905, as a boy in Rosa, Italy with his family.

How We Make Our Red Wagons Green

April 22, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

At Radio Flyer, every day is Earth Day. Committed to do right by the world and make it a better place, we embrace sustainability and have begun to take steps throughout the company--from manufacturing to company-wide green practices at our Chicago headquarters--to minimize impact on the environment.  

Flyer Friday: New Adventure

April 11, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Thanks to Vanessa M. from Mesa, Ariz. for sharing this adorable photo.

Wagon Transformation: King of the Road

April 04, 2013
posted by Randy Sandlin

From Alaska to Mississippi and California to Illinois people’s heads are turning as they drive down the street.  It’s not because of the latest automobiles coming out of Detroit, it’s because of the oversized red wagons on the road.   I found four unique rides that have been created to resemble the classic  Radio Flyer wagon.

  • Fred Keller and Judy Foster from Wasilla, Alaska transformed a 1976 Mazda Pickup truck. We love the real Radio Flyer wagon wheel used for the steering wheel.
  • Ted Magnum from Ellisville, Mississippi transformed a 1987 Ford ambulance into this beauty.
  • Rick Sullivan from Clinton, Illinois built this wagon on a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra.
  • Art Baker and Bob Castaned of Davis, California went for a hot rod look. The chrome exhaust is a nice added touch.

Behind the Scenes: The Harlem Shake

March 26, 2013
posted by Melissa Enos

It was a sunny Friday afternoon at Radio Flyer headquarters in March when the Harlem Shake was filmed. We were inspired to try it after watching the dance craze on YouTube by others such the Pepsi Jeff Gordon race team.

  • First scene of the Harlem Shake
  • The man behind the teddy bear in the Harlem Shake
  • Did you spot the pink elephant in the Harlem Shake?
  • Gettin' down to the Harlem Shake
  • The Gorilla in the Harlem Shake
  • Waldo!
  • We filmed the Harlem Shake in 30 minutes
  • How we get into the World's Largest Wagon

Over 40 Radio Flyer employees participated, including Robert Pasin, our Chief Wagon Officer and grandson of the founder.  He’s wearing a horse head and dancing on top of the World’s Largest Wagon.  Can you spot him?

Game Time: Birthday Games

February 11, 2013

At so many birthday parties we expect a gaggle of kids to wait patiently while a birthday girl opens gifts or the birthday boy blows out candles. All that waiting can be tough for kids who NEED to move, and they will squirm, wiggle and bounce if you want them to or not!

Wagon Transformation: Schulz Go Kart

January 07, 2013
posted by Randy Sandlin

Radio Flyer wagons have always been about imaginative play for kids.  But I've uncovered a group of adults out there who still embrace using their imaginations by creating amazing wagon Go Karts, constructing homemade playgrounds or dreaming up new forms of transportation.  I have been surfing the web to find my favorite Radio Flyer transformations and came across a Go Kart created by Chris Schulz.

The Story Behind Radio Flyer Red

December 03, 2012
posted by Robert Pasin

Everyone always asks me, "Why are Radio Flyer wagons red?"  

I always struggle to answer this question because nobody really knows the answer.  

Sometimes I say, "It is because my grandfather was an Italian immigrant and all Italians love the color red — think Ferraris, spaghetti sauce, and wine."