Little Red Story Winner: Chemo Fun

January 31, 2014
posted by Tracy Baldwin

It’s not often you see the words “chemo” and  “fun” together … but Christina Anderson, who lives in Aurora, Colorado, shared with us what it means for her family.

Little Red Story Winner: Mama Sit!

December 09, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Congratulations to Reesa Allee, our October Little Red Stories contest winner for her story, “Mama Sit.”  She and her husband, Tre, adopted a little boy from Ethiopia last year—Amare Dawit.   Reesa keeps her own blog about her family’s adventure into adoption, including anticipating the arrival of a little sister from Ethiopia soon! 


June 28, 2013

Parades are a key ingredient of American summers. As a kid, I loved decorating my parade bike. I happily spent whole mornings agonizing over the best proportions of stars to stripes.  Halfway through covering my bike in crepe paper, I always wished my bike was red, white or blue. That would be such an easier starting point! 

Flyer Friday: Making Memories

May 31, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Thanks to Amy M. from Augusta, Missouri for sharing this picture of her daughters in our photo album. They are on an annual Mother's Day trip with friends. One family brings their Radio Flyer and everyone gets to try a ride down a short, steep hill.

Flyer Friday: New Adventure

April 11, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Thanks to Vanessa M. from Mesa, Ariz. for sharing this adorable photo.

Flyer Friday: Best Friend

December 07, 2012
posted by Tracy Baldwin

It's Flyer Friday, where we select our favorite submitted photo.  This week's photo comes from Jim S. in Bend, Oregon.  It features Stu, his 3-year-old golden doodle, patiently waiting.  Jim takes the wagon with Stu to pick up his granddaughter from Montessori school and then they go to the park together.  Jim is a retired special education teacher and says, "getting to care for Anabell a few hours a week is the best part of my life right now, (and golf, haha)."   Thanks for sharing Jim! 

Birthday Bash: Isabelle turns 4!

November 19, 2012

Kid's birthday parties are a chance to celebrate one special child at one special moment in their life. There are some standard ingredients: invitations, party treats, fun activities, and gaggles of friends. Each element is infinitely customizable to age, hobbies and family tradition. Choosing a theme based on a child's interests (or obsessions?) is a way to cherish who they are at that exact age.