first birthday

Little Red Story: Thankful for the Sun & Little Things

December 10, 2015
posted by Allison Rivers

When going through tough times, it sometimes helps to look forward to the sunshine after the rain…but what about the trike ride after the flood?

Little Red Story: Radio Flyer Family

August 01, 2015
posted by Allison Rivers

One of the biggest joys of being on the Customer Service Team here at Radio Flyer is hearing how our products have become a family tradition.  We love hearing from parents and grandparents – even great-grandparents!

Little Red Story: Life on the Farm

August 26, 2015
posted by Jessica Kogan

Old McDonald isn’t the only one with a farm these days; our June little Red Stories winner, Ryder, and his family have a farm of their very own too! Mom, Daniella, shares with us how her family recently moved to their 40-acre farm, and the pure joy she gets seeing her family grow into their new life there.

Little Red Story: "More" Wagon Rides

August 05, 2015
posted by Jessica Kogan

It seems as if there is nothing in this world quite as contagious as a smile, especially a smile from a truly happy baby. Whenever our May Little Red Stories winner, Zoey, rides in her wagon she is grinning from ear to ear, says her mother, Valerie. At just one-year old, Zoey knows what makes her happy and she has even learned other ways, outside of her smile, to communicate this feeling to her Mom.

Little Red Story: First Bike

January 30, 2015
posted by Brittney Snow

No one really knows when birthdays originated. Researchers have hypothesized that the celebration of another year dates back to as early as 3,000 B.C.E, in Egypt.

Kid Birthday Party Planning Ideas

July 15, 2013
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Like many parents planning birthdays for their kids, I try to have a theme for my children’s parties to make them more fun and memorable.  But with my little guy's sixth birthday around the corner, I’m a little stumped.

Flyer Friday: A Bright Future

November 30, 2012
posted by Tracy Baldwin

It's Flyer Friday!  Our favorite photo of the week comes from Sarah W. in Stockton, Calif.  Her daughter received the 4-in-1 Trike for her first birthday.  Mom reports that her daughter is anxious to ride on her own, but her feet don't quite reach the pedals.  We think her future looks bright, and so does she--that's why she had to wear shades.  Here's to a bright weekend!  Thanks Sarah, for sharing your photo.