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Game Time: Birthday Games

February 11, 2013

At so many birthday parties we expect a gaggle of kids to wait patiently while a birthday girl opens gifts or the birthday boy blows out candles. All that waiting can be tough for kids who NEED to move, and they will squirm, wiggle and bounce if you want them to or not!

The Gift of Radio Flyer

December 17, 2012
posted by Melissa Enos

Did you ever wonder if the team who designs Radio Flyer products, gives the products as gifts to their own kids, friends, and family?   Based on my round of interviews in our office, these are some favorite Radio Flyer gifts.  Check out what our product development experts say they have given and the fun reactions they received. 

Why the World Needs Radio Flyer

September 27, 2012
posted by Robert Pasin

Why does the world need Radio Flyer?  Really … come on – it’s just a toy.  Would people die if they didn’t have a wagon, or a tricycle?  Our products are not a necessity.  I was chatting with my neighbor a couple of nights ago, and guess what he does? He’s a brain surgeon – he saves lives.  What do I do? I just sell wagons. 

It got me thinking … am I making a meaningful enough contribution to this world?