Introducing the eWagon™ with SmartSense™ Technology!

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Introducing the eWagon™ with SmartSense™ Technology!

November 08, 2017
posted by Jason Fitzwater

We’re excited to share a cool, new product with a tech-savvy boost that makes pulling extra-easy!  Our eWagon™ with SmartSense™ Technology — the first battery-operated wagon with an on/off switch on the handle allows it to be pulled comfortably with or without power-assist.

Just picture hauling equipment, snacks and kids — all while going uphill, in grass, en route to a soccer game. We’ve all been there, and we know pulling a wagon in such circumstances can be a tiring affair. With SmartSense™ technology, you’ll struggle no more! It’s so easy, in fact, you can pull the wagon filled with 150 pounds using a single finger.


In addition to being the easiest wagon to pull, it has some other cool features we can’t wait to share. The eWagon™ sports two folding seats, seatbelts for added safety, a rear storage pouch and a UV protection canopy.

We know by now you’re probably thinking, “There’s no way this wagon can get any better!” Guess again. To top it all off, the wagon folds for compact storage!

The project all started because we know wagons are fun for kids — and that pulling them can be difficult for grandparents or parents. That’s especially true when it’s fully loaded with kids or stuff – especially when you’re pulling it through challenging terrain.


wagon development:

Early consumer research suggested the need for plastic seats and a foot-well, as well as two-in-one functionality with folding seat-backs. We learned canopy coverage and easy one-hand fold/unfold features also were key. When adding the powered boost to our folding wagon platform, we ensured convenient storage and transport and designed it so the drivetrain/electronics do not affect the compact folding capability.


Curious about the other things our customer testing and research revealed? Read on to learn about more of the must-have criteria:


· It had to be pull-able as a normal wagon when SmartSense™ was turned off.

· Smooth, non-jerky operation of power boost, at a max speed of 4 mph, was essential.

· It had to have a simple, intuitive and ergonomic user interface.


We wanted SmartSense™ to provide a noticeable benefit and easy to operate. We are thrilled to say we accomplished all of those things.


Suited for kids ages 1 ½ +, this is the perfect wagon for any family with hauling needs.


Want to learn more? Check it out here and get ready to pack and pull with ease!