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Mary Kate Venturini

Graphic Design Lead, Radio Flyer

Mary Kate has been a graphic designer at Radio Flyer since 2009. She loves designing for such a timeless, beloved and meaningful brand—especially one she remembers fondly from childhood. Mary Kate always prefers to be outside, even if that means cramming onto her tiny apartment porch with a book or a few friends. 


Favorite outdoor activity:

Taking long walks while exploring cities. I love to do this in new, exciting places and also my hometown. Some of my favorite Chicago city moments happened when my roommate and I missed the bus—we walked a few miles instead!

Favorite outdoor escape:

The beach. Any beach works, but if given the choice, North Carolina is my top pick

Favorite outdoor game as a kid:

Coloring with chalk.

Favorite activity to do with your family:

Long family dinners with my parents, sisters (I have 4!) and my husband. Now that my sisters and I are off doing different things, it is a treat when we can all be together.

What makes you smile:

Smart color combinations, oversized or tiny versions of desk supplies, really sharp pencils, and fresh flowers.

Favorite Radio Flyer Product and why:

The Town and Country Wagon. One summer during grade school I used hula-hoops and a sheet to turn my Radio Flyer into a pioneer-style covered wagon. My sisters and I crossed the prairie (backyard) all summer long!

Favorite sports teams:

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

  • Exploring Paris with my husband.
  • At a Notre Dame football game with 2 of my sisters and my husband.
  • Hanging out with ALL of my sisters.
  • Boating with my girlfriends

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