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Little Red Stories: A Girl, Her Dog and an Iconic Red Wagon

March 20, 2018 posted by Mindy Schanzle

We adore hearing stories about how our products have brought smiles and created warm memories for families that last a lifetime. In this installment of Little Red Stories, we meet Henley as she journeys to the toy store with her dad where he insists, “every little girl needs a Little Red Wagon”.


Upon bringing it home, Henley and her four-legged sidekick Tucker the Chihuahua waited with excitement for their new ride to be assembled. Once their wagon was ready to hit the sidewalks, they rode together until the sun set, filling their adventure with many laughs and licks.


We’re so glad to have been a part of this super-sweet experience, which you can read all about here. Have a Little Red Story you’d like to share? We can’t wait to hear it. You can begin sharing your story, photos, and videos with us here.


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