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Environmental Performance

At Radio Flyer, we love the outdoors and want to preserve the environment for future generations of trike pedallers and wagoneers.


Prompted by our concern about climate change, we track our energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and have set a three percent absolute reduction goal to motivate us to reduce emissions at every step in our business. This will be particularly challenging as we have aggressive sales goals. We reduced our carbon emissions per sales dollar by 7% in 2014. We will strive to improve on this trend to hit our absolute carbon reduction goal.


With 97 percent of our emissions created during the production of our products, our most powerful opportunities for achieving reductions come from our material choices and product design. We include greenhouse gas emissions as one of the criteria in our product scorecard and our product sustainability goal will focus us on reducing emissions across all of our product categories. Our carbon footprint also includes our energy use at our facilities, Radio Flyer-controlled logistics and employee travel.

Product Improvements

Our Big Flyer Sport, starting production in June 2015, features a number of sustainability improvements:

PVC-free. Removed PVC tread from front wheel tires - which helps our aspiration to completely remove PVC from our product line.
19% lighter. We designed it more efficiently to make it 2.2 pounds lighter.
Reduced emissions. The lighter weight and manufacturing location (manufactured in Illinois) closer to our customers decreased the emissions associated with product transport.
Built to Last. We’ve made these changes without sacrificing product durability so customers can pass the toy on to future generations.
The Ultimate EZ Fold Wagon integrates fabric to reduce product weight by three pounds yielding a 15% decrease in product-related GHG emissions. Not only is the wagon easy for parents to fold and handle, the smaller size and lighter weight also reduce the emissions from product transport.


To ensure that we work with freight-carriers that follow fuel-efficient best practices, Radio Flyer is a SmartWay Transport Partner. This Environmental Protection Agency program helps companies reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution created by their freight providers. 


"Our mission is to create awesome kids’ products that inspire outdoor active play, so it makes sense that we work to do our part to improve the environment and provide our Flyers with a sustainable office,” notes Robert Pasin, CWO.

We renovated 70,000 square feet of our Chicago Headquarters using natural lighting and a geothermal heating and cooling system and solar heated ventilation air that have reduced our natural gas use by 50 percent. Our re-purposing of existing warehouse space and other green design solutions such as cisterns for storm water retention, fertilizer-free irrigation use, and landscaping with native prairie plants helped the project earn Platinum Certification for its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This is a challenging standard and platinum is the highest of its four levels, so it's a very rare achievement. At the time of the award we were 1 of only 38 commercial buildings in Illinois to receive such a distinction. Read CWO Robert Pasin’s perspective on this honor here.


The "Little Green Garden" is our on-site garden where employees grow veggies and herbs.





We’ve consciously worked to promote a culture of sustainability at our offices, with great success. We even removed the trash cans from Flyers' desks and increased recycling and composting!


We look for ways to preserve the outside for the next generations of wagon riders. That’s why we partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps make greener communities by planting trees all across the country in neighborhoods, towns, and forests. Through this partnership, we are donating money to plant a tree in the United States for every product purchased on radioflyer.com. Helping to make our world a better place, we have already planted over 125,000 trees since the program began in 2013.