All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

Wood Sided Classic Wagon with Air Tires
Model 29

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All-Terrain Cargo Wagon

Wood Sided Classic Wagon with Air Tires
Ages 1½+
Model 29

Take an off-road adventure in the largest Radio Flyer all-terrain wagon featuring removable wooden sides...


Take an off-road adventure in the largest Radio Flyer all-terrain wagon featuring removable wooden sides and real air tires for a smooth, comfortable ride.

  • Extra-large body for maximum hauling capacity
  • Removable wooden sides for easy in-and-out
  • Real air tires handle any terrain
  • Extra-long handle folds under for easy storage
  • No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe
  • Controlled turning radius prevents tipping
Ages: For ages over 1½ Years
Body: 40" L x 18.5" W x 10.5" H
Handle to Floor: 39"
Interior Body Dimension: 36.75" & 15"
Wheels: 10" x 3.5"
Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.
Carton Dimensions: 42.75" L x 6.75" W x 16.79" H
Model: #29
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  1. ASSEMBLY REVIEW: EZ Assembly, Minor Issues Review by BillF
    Product Review

    Putting this wagon together was a snap – which is a good thing, as the instructions are anything but crystal clear. The instructions include only pictures as instructions, which is great for the visual amongst us, but not so great for those who do better with written instructions on how to do things. That said, with considerable prior general installation experiences, I expected to spend a good couple of hours putting the wagon together. To my great surprise and pleasure, I was done in less than an hour. Had I wanted to use the wagon immediately, though, I wouldn't have been able to for a couple of reasons, one being that the tires each require 21 psi, and with no way to check the pressure or to put in air, I would have had to wait until I could do both to use the wagon. (Note: The valve caps on 3 of the 4 tires could not be tightened, but only spun around once screwed on as far as possible. I will have to replace them.)

    Additionally, an important part was not included – the cotter pin to the handle assembly. So even if I had a pressure gauge on-hand, and a pump to fill the tires to spec, I still would not have been able to (safely) use the wagon until I obtained and installed a cotter pin. Had this been a Christmas or birthday gift for a child, that would represent a major disappointment to the child – and a huge irritant to the parent who put out a not-insignificant amount of money for this wagon.

    The instructions also include an anomaly: They show a picture of an oil can and drops of oil to be placed somewhere on one of the parts. I say "somewhere on one of the parts" because other than the picture, the instructions make no mention of oil, nor do they (clearly) show where to put the oil. Additionally, no mention is made whether to use a drop or 3 drops or 10 drops or ... ???, and even if you think you understand what part the picture is referring to, where to put it on that part is completely unclear. Further, the instructions make no mention what type of oil to use, a rather significant oversight, since there is none included with the product, and no mentions made of it in the parts list. That leaves the installer to figure out what type oil to use, how much to use, and where to put it.

    Functionally, while the side brackets install easily and cleanly, the brackets themselves do not hold the "pegs" of the wood sides particularly tight, and I suspect this could lead to more-easily broken posts than if the fit was tight. You might be able to manually bend and maneuver the brackets a tiny bit to get a tighter fit, but you shouldn't have to. That said, I would consider this a minor complaint, though.

    Those shortcomings aside, putting the thing together was a breeze. Everything fit properly and installed nicely, the starter holes in the wood for the wood side brackets were perfectly done, etc. It's a shame that simple carelessness in not making sure a cotter pin was included could give a very bad first impression of the wagon – especially to the person who was unable to use it right away!

    All-in-all, I couldn't have been more pleased with the actual "putting it together" process. Not having the required cotter pin was irritating, though, as it required me to go through the warranty parts replacement process/form. The cotter pin not being included doesn't speak well to the QA/QC process related to the parts bags. It didn't cause a problem for me personally, as I couldn't use the wagon right away anyhow due to snowy weather. But if I had been a parent putting this together for my kid, the fact s/he couldn't be pulled in it right away – even around the house – would be a major disappointment.

    So the problems with the install process were ones of omission, not commission. If you are in the market for a cargo wagon, and want the best, I would not let these issues I had deter you from buying this wagon. Just know going in that you'll need to put air in the tires, make sure you have the cotter pin and it is installed, and that putting oil, um, somewhere, are important considerations when you start putting this thing together. Then go for it ... you'll be done in no time. And in fairness, you can't count having to put air in the tires as a negative. The alternative would be for the tires to be solid rubber, which would make for a lousy ride and a much-less-desirable cargo carrier.

    ADDENDUM: I rated this 4 stars instead of 5 because of the issues noted. And I am rating only the installation process – not the actual use of the wagon. Please see other reviews for that.
    (Posted on 1/3/2015)

  2. A Classic Radio Flyer! Review by Chelsea
    Product Review

    Growing up, my sister and I had a Town & Country wagon. For my niece's first birthday, I decided she needed her own Radio Flyer! After much debate between the T&C and the All Terain, I settled on the All Terain. It was fairly simple to put together, I did it by myself in probably 2-3 hours and I'm no handy-woman! After pulling it, I am SO glad I went for this model. The tires make all the difference in the world! (Posted on 9/15/2014)

  3. Extremely user friendly. Review by Gina
    Product Review

    This is the only wagon I've seen that has real tires and steering! (Posted on 6/18/2014)

  4. Big fan Review by Terrie
    Product Review

    I always liked the little red wagon
    (Posted on 5/31/2014)

  5. Brings back good memories Review by Michael
    Product Review

    Great product, had one as a child
    (Posted on 5/30/2014)

  6. Perfect Size Wagon Review by Alex
    Product Review

    The wagon is the perfect size to carry our son and put our things in it as well.
    (Posted on 5/25/2014)

  7. Amazing quality Review by Emily
    Product Review

    Quality of product, had one as a child.
    (Posted on 5/24/2014)

  8. Great products Review by Gary
    Product Review

    We already have two other radio flyers and they are all in good condition. We customized one that has big tires on it.
    (Posted on 5/19/2014)

  9. Awesome Review by Gregory
    Product Review

    Experience with Radio Flyer: my grandaughter loves it.
    (Posted on 5/8/2014)

  10. Will last Review by Kristy
    Product Review

    If this wagon is anything like the wagon that our boys grew up with it, will last for a very long time. This is what I want for my grandchildren.
    (Posted on 5/3/2014)

  11. Fits our small children Review by David
    Product Review

    We purchased one when our children were just as small.
    (Posted on 4/16/2014)

  12. Durable wagon Review by Linda
    Product Review

    The wagons last a long time with minimal maintenance. (Posted on 4/11/2014)

  13. Awesomeness Review by jonc
    Product Review

    This wagon is awesome! The instructions were pretty clear and easy to assemble. I love the design and overall quality of the wagon. So far the wagon has held up to it's "All-Terrain" name and has hasn't let us down. The only thing I would have wanted was more options for accessories, it would be nice to have a customized wagon. (Posted on 4/4/2014)

  14. We take it everywhere! Review by Megan
    Product Review

    I love the big all terrain tires! This wagon goes through the woods, beach sand, mud, everything. we love it! (Posted on 3/31/2014)

  15. Keep it up! Review by Ed
    Product Review

    Radio Flyers rock. Keep up the good work!
    (Posted on 3/23/2014)

  16. Excellent wagon Review by Rapier Half-Witt
    Product Review

    This wagon has lasted us for years now. No problems, faults or failures. It is lightweight, easily handled and perfect for pulling small children around at fairs, parks, or any other large outdoor function. You won't be sorry that you bought it. (Posted on 3/16/2014)

  17. Possibly a great product, if I had all the parts Review by Sam
    Product Review

    My 5 year old has a metal wagon that he would hitch to his ride on tractor toy, after 3 years it finally gave out on him. My parents (who love across country) decided to get him this wagon for Christmas. They bought it in their hometown and brought it out with them (unassembled in the box) when they came for Christmas.
    Christmas Eve me and my sister decided to put it together and place it under the tree with some of his other gifts inside of it.
    HOWEVER!! Not only were there missing screws, but there were only 2 tires! The box showed no apparent signs of previously been opened. I immediately contacted the store that my parents bought it from they told me I could exchange it here in Columbus even without the receipt. But, seeing how it was now near midnight on Christmas Eve, the store was not open. Now its the day after Christmas and we took the wagon to the store and they refused to exchange it saying that it was a manufacturing mistake and I needed to contact customer service, I spoke to a manager who reluctantly agreed to exchange the wagon but then there were none in stock!
    This is just ridiculous. Not only did my parents spend $150 on this wagon and bring it across the country, but now we have to buy the wheel kits because your, along with Walmart's customer service wants to pass the buck.
    I am NOT happy at all.
    *********************************Radio Flyer Customer Service***************************************
    Hi Sam, Thank you for your review. We apologize for the experience you had with your wagon. Please look for an email from our team with next steps, as we would be happy to assist you. We will send you the additional parts to you under your warranty at no charge, you would not be responsible for this expense. Thank you! (Posted on 12/26/2013)

  18. The Perfect Wagon - Wood Sided Classic Wagon with Air Tires Review by Texas Family
    Product Review

    We purchased this wagon for my daughter's first birthday and it was the perfect gift. We use the wagon to pull her and her younger brother on long walks throughout our community and regional parks. The inflatable wheels work really weel on sidewalks, grass and crushed gravel hike-n-bike trails. We live in Texas and given the summer heat we wanted to avoid a metal wagon so this model with a wood base and side panels was the perfect choice. Before our kids could talk they would climb into their Radio Flyer wagon and we knew they were ready to go for a walk. Radio Flyer makes a very high quality product and we always look for their brand as we entertain new trikes/scooters/bikes. (Posted on 9/6/2013)

  19. Love the Wagon Review by Fun Dad
    Product Review

    After reading Chem Mom's review, it is obvious that she did not order this wagon. She ordered the other one with the plastic wheels, the Town and Country wagon. I have the one with the wheels you put air into and that thing will go over anything and will go anywhere. I have two boys and we get a lot of use out of it. We take it with us when we go to amusement parks, zoos, the park, fishing, etc. Make sure you are ordering the correct model. Some of the models look alike. This one has a wood bottom, wood side, and wheels that inflate. i think it is the best one if you ever take it off the paved path. I like that you can take the sides off so you can use it as a bench when you need one, or a table. When they were smaller we used to be able to fit them both in it and pull them around. Great Wagon (Posted on 8/6/2013)

  20. It is ok, but I am not sure why the specs do not match Review by ChemMom
    Product Review

    It looks like the wagon I remember friends having when I was younger but it is definitely not as sturdy looking. Make sure you have all the parts and that they are not broken before assembling. It is good to order this well in advance if there are problems. Ours arrived broken. One of the sides had broken, but that might be due to the thin wood. We called and a replacement part is on the way (5-7 days). The wheels are plastic (the white part is not metal) so that was a disappointment. Also, there are a number of discrepancies with the website description and the actual product. The body on ours was only 16.5 inches wide 17.5 if you include the side brackets. Two inches is a bit much to be off by. The max weight capacity is even worse. It says 200 lbs on the website and ours only said 150 lbs in the manual (on the last page of course). Not sure which weight is true, but they do not seem to know, but I hope to find out. I think that 25% difference is a big discrepancy. The wagon looks like it will be sturdy enough for a few years of fun.

    ********************************Radio Flyer Customer Service*******************************
    Hi ChemMom,

    Thank you for your review. We have verified the measurements with our team here and they do match what we have listed on our product page. These are the measurements from the very outer points of the wagon, when the red panels are in place. The weight capacity is 200 lbs, so I apologize for the misprint on the manual. If we can be of any further assistance, please contact Customer Service at 800.621.7613. (Posted on 5/7/2013)

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